Logistics Lists


Top 10: Supply chain companies in Asia

FedEx, UPS, DHL , Kuehne + Nagel, DB Schenker and Yusen Logistics among the top supply chain companies in Asia


TImeline: The evolution of the air freight industry

Business relies heavily on air freight to move goods quickly around the world. Unlike sea freight, air freight has a short, yet colourful, history


Top 10: Benefits of small-vehicle expedited shipping

The small vehicle expedite market is evolving, becoming more accessible and more affordable. Here are 10 benefits of expedited shipping


Top 10: supply chain cybersecurity companies 2022

Supply chains are targeted by cybercriminals for 'back door' attacks on global brands. Here are 10 leading cybersecurity companies keeping businesses safe


Top 10: AI firms helping minimise supply chain disruption

Here are 10 companies using AI solutions to help minimise the disruption to supply chains of the pandemic hangover, war in Ukraine & global cost inflation


Top 10: Supply chain planning ploys to mitigate uncertainty

Firms with Intelligent supply chain planning and pricing solutions can improve the management of daily operations and their response to supply disruption


FedEx Express, UPS, DHL & Qatar Air top air freight list

FedEx Express Freight, UPS Air Cargo, DHL Aviation, Qatar Airways Cargo, Emirates & Cathay Pacific lead top-ten list of air freight companies


Top ten food & drink shortages - from booze to baby milk

With news McDonalds hasn't enough tomatoes for its burgers, we look at some eye-catching supply chain problems to have affected the food & drinks sector

UPS, Amazon & FedEx top North America logistics firms chart

UPS, Amazon, FedEx, XPO, CH Robinson, JB Hunt and Union Pacific lead the way in top 10 list of largest logistics companies in North America

A sea shipping timeline - from containers to supertankers

Sea shipping has come a long way since the first container ships were launched in the 1920. Today's firms, like Maersk & Nippon Yusen, are a world apart

DHL, DB Schenker and Ceva among top 10 APAC logistics firms

DHL Supply Chain, DB Schenker and Ceva head top 10 APAC traditional logistics companies, with project44, vCargo and Freightwalla topping new-tech providers


Havi & Infor lead way in top 10 uses of AI in supply chain

Havi, Infor, Echo, H2O.ai, C3.ai, Alloy.ai & Coupa lead way in AI businesses helping supply chain overcome disruption through digital transformation

Top 10 moves for retailers to future-proof the supply chain

McKinsey & Company have released their Top 10 steps for retailers to take in order to shock-proof their supply chains, in the event of another crisis

Top 10 Supply Chain execs to watch in 2022

Supply chain execs have had a busy two years. Now with the respect of the world behind them, here’s our Top 10 Supply Chain execs to watch

Top 10: Third-party logistics providers - UPS leads way

UPS, FedEx, DHL, XPO - such third party logistics (3PL) providers are the freight experts who keep supply chains moving, no matter what

Top Ten: Supply game changers - from Industry 4.0 to Covid

The pandemic, sustainability, blockchain - and a raft of Industry 4.0 techs like IoT - are changing the face of supply chain forever

Top 10 Global Supply Chains

Over the past two years, supply chains have been stretched. In a show of gratitude, here’s our Top 10 global supply chains who have kept the planet running

Top 10 US Trucking Companies

We count down the top ten largest trucking companies in the United States of America

Top 10 eCommerce companies

Especially since COVID-19 took the world by storm, the demand for online commerce has risen massively, we take a look at the top ten eCommerce companies

Top 10 Supply Chain Strategies for eCommerce Businesses

By integrating effective strategies into their supply chains, companies can mitigate shipping delays and inefficiencies in order to provide better service

Top 10 Ocean Freight Companies by TEU

We track movements in the largest ocean cargo and freight firms by TEU during a boom in international logistics


Top 10 Source-to-Pay Providers

As the role of procurement evolves, so too must tools like Source-to-pay (S2P) platforms - but in a sea of competition, which are the standout providers...


Top 10 couriers based on their Covid-19 efforts

Supply Chain Digital looks into the couriers who provided their services to support the demands of Covid-19...