Top 10: Logistics associations

Top 10 logistics associations include CSCMP, American Trucking Associations, CILT, LSCMS, Logistics UK, FIATA, Reverse Logistics & ELA

Logistics associations are vital hubs for professionals and companies in the supply chain industry. They foster collaboration, provide valuable resources, and advocate for industry interests. Through networking and knowledge exchange, these associations drive innovation and efficiency in global logistics. Below are 10 of the biggest, and most influential.

1. The Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals 

President and CEO: Mark Baxa
LinkedIn followers: 93,000
The CSCMP is a global association for supply chain and logistics professionals, and is strong in the area of logistics education and training. Members have access to conferences, research and a network of 6,000 fellow professionals. It publishes an annual State of Logistics Report, with the latest finding that supply chains have transformed into supply networks, to improve resilience against future disruption.

2. American Trucking Associations

President & CEO: Chris Spear
LinkedIn followers: 93,000
ATA is a US trade association that represents the trucking industry, with haulage in the US being bigger than in almost any other country. “We are the largest and most comprehensive national trade association for the trucking industry,” it says. Its membership includes a federation of state associations and it runs affiliated conferences to help its member companies grow.

3. Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport 

CEO: Sharon Kindleysides
LinkedIn followers: 66,000 (accumulated, by country)
CILT is a global organisation with members in 30 countries. It offers professional development and training for people who work in logistics, transport, and supply chain. “Our members work in every sector of the industry,” it says. “Ports and factories, air and sea, transport planning and demand planning, freight and warehousing. In an industry that accounts for 12% of GDP globally we need to make a difference – together as professionals.”

4. The Logistics & Supply Chain Management Society

President: Raymon Krishnan 
LinkedIn followers: 40,000
LSCMS is a professional body that provides education, training, and networking opportunities to logistics and supply chain professionals globally. Membership brings access to educational workshops, seminars, and networking events in major cities, “aiding professional development in logistics”, says the body. It also supports learning through sponsored schools and courses, and “facilitates the exchange of ideas and opportunities across our regional network of professionals and organisations”.

5. Logistics UK 

President & CEO: David Wells OBE
LinkedIn followers: 38,000
Formerly known as the Freight Transport Association, Logistics UK is a trade association representing the logistics and transport industry in the United Kingdom. It serves the interests of companies involved in freight and logistics, providing them with support, expertise, and advocacy services. “We support, shape and stand up for efficient logistics,” it says. “We also offer advice, training, products and tailored services to our members.”

6. International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations

President & CEO: Turgut Erkeskin
LinkedIn followers: 17,000
FIATA is a non-governmental organisation representing 40,000 forwarding and logistics firms globally. It plays a standard-setting role, as well as providing a forum for freight forwarders to share insight on key issues. It represents freight forwarders in 150 countries, and its  membership comprises 109 association members and 5,500 individual members, who represent an industry of 40,000 freight forwarding and logistics firms worldwide.

7. Reverse Logistics Association

Executive Director: Tony Sciarrotta
LinkedIn followers: 9,000
Historically an overlooked part of supply chains, reverse logistics is becoming central to driving circular supply chains. The RLA offers members access to valuable data and information collected by the body. In 2016, Tony Sciarrotta became the Executive Director after years of active involvement on the Advisory Board and various reverse logistics committees.

8. Warehouse Education and Research Council

EVP: Michael Mikitka
LinkedIn followers: 9,000
WERC is an organisation dedicated to warehouse management and its role in the supply chain. It provides resources, research, and educational events for warehouse professionals. WERC says: “We offer practical, proven, peer-driven education through online courses, webinars, and our annual conference.” It also independent research, third-party assessments and education designed uniquely for the distribution logistics sector.

9. European Logistics Association

President & CEO: Markus Mau
LinkedIn followers: 3,000
ELA is a federation of  22 national organisations, each representing logistics and supply chain professionals in different European countries. The members of these national logistics associations are professionals working in a logistics function, mainly in the industry but also in various service sectors. Throughout this network, the ELA reaches 55.000 logistics professionals.

10. The European Freight and Logistics Leaders' Forum

President: Hagerstrand-Avall Berit
LinkedIn followers: 2,000
F&L is a platform that brings together CEOs and top executives of European logistics and freight companies to discuss policy issues and advocate for the industry's interests at European Union level. “We welcome different skills, experience and views across all industry sectors, transport modes, carriers, technology businesses, service providers, ports, academics, policy makers and NGOs,” it says. 


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