Supply chain content round-up from across the world

China lockdowns hurting global supply chains; SAP partners with BCG & Unilever on sustainability; McKinsey shares upskilling formula; Disruption 'new norm'

Global logistics news round-up: rail, road and sea

Shipping firms vulnerable to cyberattacks, says Cyberowl; US calls for inland ports; PIL opens new India route; Canada rail strike hitting supply chains.

Logistics round-up: FedEx Ground struggles, JB Hunt grows

In a round-up of logistics news, labour shortage sees FedEx Ground struggle, JB Hunt grows intermodal fleet by 40%, while PSA 2021 revenues hit $4.6bn.

Hair-trigger China lockdowns are hurting supply - project44

project44 report decries the damaging effect on supply chains of China's zero-tolerance Covid approach, after 60 cases shuts down manufacturing centre Shenzhen.

SAP partners with BCG & Unilever in dual green programmes

Leading procurement and supply chain software company SAP has announced separate sustainability partnerships - one with consulting firm BCG, and the other with consumer goods giant Unilever. 

McKinsey shares supply chain digitisation upskilling formula

An ongoing McKinsey study into skills requirements shows that, more than ever, companies need in-house digital supply chain talent to support digitisation efforts.

Disruption is the new norm, says WTO supply chain forum

World Trade Organisation's Global Supply Chain Forum advocates strategic investment & diversification as ways for organisations to deal with disruption.

Sustainability and omnichannel top supply chain trends list

As supply chain evolves in the face of pandemic-driven changes and political instability, sustainability & omnichannel top the list of 10 supply trends.

3D printing a $14bn industry & growing fast, says McKinsey

McKinsey explores the standing of 3D printing - or 'additive manufacturing' - and finds that although it's come a long way, it's not yet disrupting supply.



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