CT47: The Multi-Purpose Mobile Computer for the Supply Chain

Honeywell's CT47 is designed for the diverse needs of the entire supply chain
The CT47 is an ultra-rugged mobile computer built on the Mobility Edge™ platform from Honeywell, offering an unbeaten lifespan, durability and security

At nearly every step in the supply chain, workers are generating and collecting data that can be used to enhance end-to-end operational efficiency and productivity.

To continue to meet the high expectations of e-commerce consumers who demand real-time access to information about the location of their package and its delivery schedule, businesses are turning to powerful mobility solutions to help them capture and relay data across a variety of supply chain touchpoints.

The CT47 from Honeywell allows users to scan products and update order and inventory statuses in real time at any stage

The CT47 is an ultra-rugged mobile computer built on the Mobility Edge™ platform, a unified mobile device platform from Honeywell that offers an unbeaten lifespan, durability and security. The CT47 is designed for the diverse needs of the entire supply chain, allowing users to scan products and update order and inventory statuses in real time at any stage, from manufacturing to transport and logistics. 

CT47 can deliver operational advantages for businesses and individuals throughout the supply chain. 

Supply chain applications

For manufacturers throughout the world, tracking and tracing materials through real-time data is vital for quality control and to keep production on schedule. 

"Data can greatly improve how manufacturers identify quality issues, find root causes in production lines and rectify problems quickly," explains Eric-Jan Vermeeren, Director Sales for Strategic T&L Accounts at Honeywell. "The CT47 mobile computer empowers manufacturers to gain access to real-time data to help them become more efficient with inventory control of both raw materials and finished products."

Eric-Jan Vermeeren, Director Sales for Strategic T&L Accounts at Honeywell

Manufacturing facilities can be noisy places full of vibrating machinery, and they can be dusty and dirty with moisture in the air. The ruggedised CT47 excels in these harsh environments, however, with an integrated exoskeleton and a hi-vis protective boot offering superb protection. Fast and accurate authentication through fingerprint and facial recognition and capacitive touchscreens means workers can access their devices quickly and use them in any conditions, knowing they will operate to the same high level time and again. 

Workflows in warehousing and distribution centres cover receiving, picking, putting away and replenishment. Each workflow has critical touchpoints where data capture is essential to make the product location visible to the entire organisation.

Accurate barcode scanning plays a vital role in this data capture. The CT47 mobile computer has a powerful FlexRange XLR scan engine that enables users to scan near or far, high or low, and is capable of successfully scanning hard-to-read or damaged bar codes.

Warehouses and distribution centres also often cover sprawling footprints, with varying lighting conditions, and with work activities taking place both inside and outside in hot and cold climates. These factors put great demands on handheld devices. The CT47 meets these requirements with advanced connectivity and durability features such as 5G, Wi-Fi 6E, private cellular and CBRS options, as well as a bright 5.5-inch screen that can be read in any ambient conditions. The scanner uses a green laser for ultimate visibility even in outdoor conditions.

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"The e-commerce boom and customer expectation of next-day, even same-day, delivery has put immense pressure on transportation and logistics companies," Eric-Jan continues. "With drivers constantly on the move, they need a device that is going to help them provide accurate and timely updates on each product they handle, from pick-up to delivery.

"With much of their day spent away from the base and charging docks, they need a device that offers long-lasting battery life. They are constantly in and out of their vehicles, which risks the chance of dropping and damaging the device."

Here, again, CT47 has the answers: high-capacity 4775-mAh batteries that reduce the need for timely recharging or replacement while on a shift, while eight-foot concrete drop tests in development mean 99% of devices are predicted to survive 2,000 tumbles. 

Optional features provide extra benefits to end users

  • Operational Intelligence is a software add-on that provides data analytics in real time, so that users can predict device issues and minimise device downtime.
  • Honeywell Smart Talk unifies the fragmented communications channels frontline workers use to stay in touch and collaborate. The solution includes voice calls, text and media messaging, video and user presence.
  • Honeywell Voice-Guided Work Solutions frees up hands and eyes by providing users with voice-guided workflows, which can help save time, increase productivity and reduce risks. 

Supply chain companies are pursuing digital transformation to improve productivity and workflow efficiency. The high expectations of modern e-commerce consumers drive this trend.

"While the workflow challenges at successive stages of the supply chain differ," Eric-Jan concludes, "CT47 provides a multi-purpose mobile device solution that can meet all these needs in a single device."

Learn how the CT47 mobile computer can create workflow optimisation opportunities by contacting a Honeywell solutions expert today.


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