News round-up: supply chain, risk management, and logistics

By Charlie Steer-Stephenson
Managing risk - Avetta, McKinsey & Itential; Logistics - Dr Chris Caplice & NNR Global Logistics; Chip supply chain shortage & Russia’s slowing invasion

Chris Caplice – academic who helped make freight a science

Dr Chris Caplice is a pioneering freight academic at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), where he has established a reputation as one of the world’s foremost authorities on logistics. Dr Caplice tells us more about his role, and how Caplice is one of logistics’ most decorated thinkers.

Russian invasion slows as tech supply chain fractures

Amidst reports that Russian soldiers are raiding abandoned kitchens in search of old chips to power their weaponry, we look at how the ongoing semiconductor shortage has finally begun to slow the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The importance of managing risk in the supply chain

Avetta urges companies to prioritise eliminating cybersecurity risks, which could otherwise have devastating effects on their supply chain.

NNR Global Logistics’ approach to digitising the Industry

Mac Sullivan, CEO Head of Tech and Digital Promotion of NNR Global Logistics (USA), on the outmoded state of the logistics industry and NNR’s advancement.

Three ways to future-proof your supply chain

As the global supply chain is facing unprecedented challenges, McKinsey outlines three ways that companies can, and must, prepare for the future: by building resilience, boosting agility, and strengthening sustainability.  

Solving supply chain delays with network automation

Morgan Stern, Vice President of Automation Strategy at Itential, discusses how network automation enables the rapid integration of alternative equipment in the supply chain.


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Pitney Bowes Index shows China breaks 100bn parcels barrier

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