Coface Protects Firms From Supplier Risks in Volatile World

Coface, a global leader in risk management, helps firms navigate volatility of global logistics with tools offering insights around supplier risks

Managing risk in supply chain is mission critical, because supply chain is where businesses are most exposed to disruptive factors such as geopolitical instability and economic headwinds.    

The Red Sea attacks on commercial shipping, for example, continue to cause significant disruption in global trade, as major shipping companies divert key routes – in some cases adding 3,500 nautical miles to container ship journeys. 

This means products are taking a week and-a-half longer to hit shelves, while shipping costs with some carriers have surged by up to 250%. 

Red Sea disruption is also compounding ongoing issues with the Panama Canal, where lower water levels due to drought conditions are impacting the number of vessels that can get through, causing another major choke point in global shipping. 

The war in Ukraine, meanwhile, continues to disrupt European trade, and uncertainty around US-China trade relations – as well as the prospect of impending elections in the US, UK and India – are adding to market volatility. 

As a global leader in trade credit insurance, Coface grants access to risk management insights accumulated over 75 years of experience. Trusted by over 50,000 clients across more than 100 countries, it helps organisations navigate the complexities of the transport and logistics industry, by providing mission-critical insights and tools to protect them against the risks of non-payment in domestic and export markets. Coface is supported by a team of over 700 credit analysts, underwriters, and a distinguished economic research team.

Its core belief is that trade contributes to global prosperity and stability, and its mission is to “facilitate trade by supporting companies to develop their international business”. 

The company works with customers wherever they operate, helping them reach optimal commercial decisions in a world that can be unpredictable and disruptive to business. 

Urba 360 offers mission-critical supplier insights

Helping customers navigate all this uncertainty and risk is Urba 360, Coface’s new generation business information tool. Its dynamic user interface allows customers to leverage the unique data and real-time insights Coface has on companies worldwide. 

This provides Coface customers a global view that helps them monitor their portfolio with actionable insights for informed decision-making amidst sector challenges and simplify their risk management .

Global supply chains routinely involve thousands of vendors, and having visibility of these companies’ financial health is vital for maintaining operational resilience in a tough global economic climate.

Urba 360 works by displaying an at-a-glance the risk status and financial health of any given company. 

Customers can explore macro-economic insights and carry out in-depth analysis into the likelihood of that supplier defaulting in the coming 12 months. Urba 360 also supplies information around how much credit Coface recommends extending to a given supplier customer and debt capacity of suppliers.

Customers can also complete the supplier analysis by reviewing our Coface’s sector and country risk assessments. Staying informed with real-time risk notifications.

With 4,500 employees in 100 countries globally, Coface marries the power of data science with the unparalleled expertise of its risk professionals, to provide businesses with expert opinion and unique insights that offer the insight needed to trade smarter.

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