Blue Yonder Thriving in Supply Chain Fulfilment

Blue Yonder is the world leader in digital supply chain transformation
Blue Yonder's supply chain solutions powered by AI and machine learning are enabling companies to sense, predict and respond to disruptions in real-time

Supply chains today are facing unprecedented volatility and disruptions. To navigate this complex landscape, companies need supply chain solutions that can sense, predict and respond to changes in real time. 

Blue Yonder is the world leader in digital supply chain transformation, with global retailers, manufacturers and logistics providers leveraging its platform to optimise their supply chains from planning through fulfilment, delivery and returns.

At the forefront of Blue Yonder's offerings are its powerful planning solutions powered by AI and machine learning (ML) – launching Blue Yonder Orchestrator, a Generative AI capability providing companies with the ability to fuel more intelligent decision-making and faster supply chain orchestration, in 2013. These solutions provide end-to-end visibility and control across the entire supply chain, from suppliers to consumers. By leveraging real-time data and advanced algorithms, Blue Yonder's planning capabilities enable companies to optimise inventory levels, streamline logistics operations, and respond swiftly to disruptions.

Blue Yonder named a Gartner Leader in Supply Chain Planning, Transportation Management and Warehouse Management Systems

This capability has led to Blue Yonder being named a Leader in three Gartner Magic Quadrant reports covering Supply Chain Planning Solutions, Transportation Management Systems and Warehouse Management Systems.

One of the key differentiators of Blue Yonder's approach is its emphasis on “objective-led, range-based planning.” Instead of relying on traditional “what-if” scenario planning, Blue Yonder's patented solvers recommend collaborative resolutions based on multiple possible futures. 

“Our customers are seeking a new approach to supply chain management, one specifically designed to tackle the agility and resilience demands posed by the daily challenges of volatile supply chains,” says Andrea Morgan-Vandome, Chief Innovation Officer, Blue Yonder. “Blue Yonder’s cognitive solutions, powered by predictive and generative AI, ensure that planning and execution work seamlessly in tandem on a large scale. Our planning solutions span every tier of the supply chain, work off a common set of data and are objective led. They are execution aware which means if a disruption or opportunity is sensed, our patented solvers will recommend options for collaborative resolution. This has replaced conventional ‘scenario’ or ‘what if’ planning with objective-led, range-based planning, preparing the enterprise for many possible futures.”

Commitment to innovation

Blue Yonder's solutions are built on a robust, AI-powered platform that integrates cutting-edge technologies such as machine learning forecasting, supply optimisation, detailed scheduling, network design and transportation load building. This comprehensive suite of capabilities empowers companies to reduce decision cycle times, improve service levels and margins, and drive growth.

Moreover, Blue Yonder's solutions are designed to be execution-aware, meaning that they can sense opportunities and potential disruptions in real time and recommend corrective actions accordingly. This "always-on" planning approach shifts the paradigm away from traditional overnight batch processing, enabling companies to identify and capitalise on improvement opportunities as they arise.

Blue Yonder continues its commitment to innovation, acquiring flexis AG to enhance the company's capabilities in factory planning, scheduling, sequencing and slotting, and announcing plans to acquire One Network for a sum of around US$839m, maintaining its impressive recent momentum.

Upon completion, Blue Yonder, which is continuing its quest to revolutionise the industry, will be well positioned to serve customers’ needs across planning, execution, commerce and networks.

“Supply chains have become more complex and, as more and more companies reduce risk by diversifying sourcing of products globally, there is an increased demand for the sharing of information and resources across the whole value chain,” comments Duncan Angove, CEO at Blue Yonder. “This, along with increased disruptions and geopolitical risks, have put the pressure on organisations to build more resilient and robust supply chains.

“Combined with One Network’s capabilities, Blue Yonder will establish itself as a leading supply chain solutions company that can offer a unified, end-to-end supply chain ecosystem that is resilient enough to withstand today’s challenges, synthesised with innovative, future-focused technologies.”


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