Round-up of supply chain, logistics and procurement content

Hackett group on barriers to procurement change; DHL & UPS top logistics charts; EcoVadis leads way on green ratings; warehouse automation breakthrough

Coupa, Tradeshift & Sievo debate procurement strategy

Is the traditional or modern approach to procurement best? Coupa's John Callan, Jonathan Laverentz of Tradeshift & Sammeli Sammalkorpi of Sievo discuss the finer points.

Hackett Group on overcoming barriers to procurement change

Hackett Group & Tada Consulting on ways businesses can overcome main barriers to change in procurement, including C-suite and stakeholder resistance.

DHL, DB Schenker and Ceva among top 10 APAC logistics firms

DHL Supply Chain, DB Schenker and Ceva head top 10 APAC traditional logistics companies, with project44, vCargo and Freightwalla topping new-tech providers.

UPS, Amazon & FedEx top North America logistics firms chart

UPS, Amazon, FedEx, XPO, CH Robinson, JB Hunt and Union Pacific lead the way in top 10 list of largest logistics companies in North America.

EcoVadis & ISOs charting way ahead on supply sustainability

Sustainability ratings from EcoVadis - & ISO accreditations from national standards bodies like the ISO - are aiding firms with supply chain net zero goals.

NHS body to support women in health supply and procurement

A National Health Service procurement and supply chain support body plans to develop a women’s support network for professionals in the industry. 

A sea shipping timeline - from containers to supertankers

The world economy runs on sea trade. Here, we trace ocean shipping - from the first ever container vessels to today’s super bulk-carriers. Sea shipping has come a long way since the first container ships were launched in the 1920. 

Element Logic & Locus Robotics easing warehouse problem

Warehouse worker shortages, plus the e-commerce boom, has created a problem that firms like Element Logic & Locus Robotics are easing with automation technology.

Supply about networks, not chains, says Accenture analyst

Accenture's Maria Rey-Marston says 'Demand Response Networks' are fast-replacing old-style linear supply chains, as omnichannel gains ever more traction.



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Unused SaaS subscriptions are eroding procurement and supply chain bottom lines at a time when inflation means cost cutting is of paramount importance

Cold chain logistics 'flying blind' - Tive & FreightWaves

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