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Top 10: Innovative & ESG-friendly global supply chains; Trust key to SCM of future, says UST's Colehower; Deloitte - a professional services timeline

Top 10: Innovative & ESG-friendly global supply chains

With much of the business world focused on supply chains and sustainability, we cast our eye over 10 of the world’s leading ESG-friendly global supply chains, as well as the unique tech innovations and programmes that contribute towards making each organisation a sustainability leader.

Deloitte - a professional services timeline through history

Deloitte has 300,000 employees worldwide and is one of the top professional services firms - a far cry from William Welch Deloitte's firm in 1845.

B4IG tells Supply Chain Digital Show of ESG goals & plans

Marie Basso of Business for Inclusive Growth tells the Supply Chain Digital Show of the progress it is making on promoting inclusive and fair workplaces.

Digital transformation about people not tech - David Loseby
Digital transformations fail in supply chain & procurement when firms see them as tech projects & not people projects, says CPO consultant David Loseby.

Trust will be key to SCM of future, says UST's Colehower

Supply chain management of future will require trust, says Jonathan Colehower of UST, with Blue Yonder's Wayne Snyder agreeing data sharing will be key.

Innovation key to green supply chains - Schneider & DigiHaul

Schneider Electric & DigiHaul detail the macro & micro steps logistics is taking to cut energy consumption in CPG, cold-chain supply chain and haulage.

Accenture insight into last-mile logistics & ecommerce boom

Accenture's Sarah Banks on why the rise of ecommerce & omnichannel retail is placing last-mile logistics under pressure to handle greater loads sustainably.

Supply chain 'needs structural change', says Apex Logistics

Modern supply chain problems are being caused by “everyone trying to get down the same bit of freeway at the same time”, leading transport logistics company Apex Logistics says.


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Supply chain automation uptake 'slow', says SAPInsider

SAPInsider & Precisely joint report shows 75% of supply chains are only partly automated, despite most supply professionals knowing resilience suffers

'Hot spot' downstream supply emissions a problem - Accenture

Accenture report shows that businesses are struggling to control Scope 3 emissions because of a lack of contact with downstream suppliers in value chain

Supply chain automation 'increases unemployment & debt'

National Bureau of Economics Research Study suggests automation in plants like Foxconn's iPhone factory in China increases unemployment & early retirement

EY & Thompson Reuters team-up on sustainability


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