NEWS ROUND-UP: This week's hottest supply chain stories ...

By Sean Ashcroft
Free supply chain cybersecurity, Amazon's ESG credentials queried, further ports bedlam ... just another crazy week on Planet Supply


Tactics to ease supply risk showcased by Gartner

Gartner has published a report detailing ways in which businesses are protecting themselves from supply chain instability. “Whether it’s runaway price inflation or severe material shortages, supply chains are being battered by supply instability,” Gartner says. Learn some innovative ways businesses are counteracting risk.


How SMEs can cyber-protect digital supply chains for free

Many SME firms on both sides of the Atlantic lack even the most basic protective measures against cyberattack on their supply chain. But cybersecurity is devilishly expensive, right? 

Wrong. The good news for SMEs is they can protect themselves against all but the most sophisticated of cyberattacks for free. Here’s how. 

Big picture 'key', says 2021 BSI supply chain risks report

The British Standards Institution has published its annual Supply Chain Risks Insights Report, identifying the trends and associated risks likely to impact global supply chains in 2022. The theme this year is ‘resilience’. This is an in-depth look at some of its eye-opening findings and insight

Too many ESG grey areas in US, say top supply chain profs

Two leading supply chain academics say investors' trust in ESG ratings of major companies like Amazon might be "misplaced", due to the supply chains of many US businesses - with Amazon chief among the businesses in the spotlight. 

Supply chain and Covid twin blows to Japan Q3 economy

Japan’s economy shrunk more quickly than expected in Q3, with global supply problems and Covid-19 hitting the government’s growth plans. “The contraction was far bigger than expected due to supply-chain constraints, which hit output and capital spending hard,” said Takeshi Minami, chief economist at Norinchukin Research Institute.

US ports logjam sees rocketing levels of container thefts

Bottlenecked US container ports are being targeted by crooks, compounding supply chain problems even further. Stolen shipments are an increasingly common theme, as slow-moving cargo that crawls through backlogged West Coast ports is being targeted by crooks looking to cash-in on consumer electronics. 

Supply chain blow, as storm cuts off Port of Vancouver

Flooding and landslides have cut off Canada’s largest port, Vancouver, from all rail services with port officials warning that there will be a significant knock-on effect for the country’s supply chain. And in other port news, Rotterdam’s container chief has warned that supply chain congestion is set to continue through 2022.


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