Value chain, tech, logistics and procurement news round-up

Sustainable product design 'has long way to go' - Capgemini; Supply tech expectations 'at peak', says Gartner; DHL 'growth atlas' shows growth

Top 10: Supply chain planning ploys to mitigate uncertainty

Firms with Intelligent supply chain planning and pricing solutions can improve the management of daily operations and their response to supply disruption.

Sustainable product design 'has long way to go' - Capgemini

Capgemini report says design decisions have a profound impact on the environmental and social consequences of products bit too little is happening here.

Supply chain tech expectations 'at peak', says Gartner

A Gartner ‘hype cycle’ report on supply chain strategy – designed to separate reality from hype – suggests expectations around technology are at a peak.

Logistics global air, sea, road & rail news roundup

DoJ scuppers Maersk’s $1bn China containers deal; DHL Supply chain invests heavily in India warehouses; Etihad Cargo adds extra freight routes to China.

Software supply chain welcomes Biden memo on cybersecurity

The White House has shared a memo requiring agencies to comply with guidance from the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) to improve the security and integrity of the software supply chain.

DHL 'growth atlas' shows growth, despite supply shocks

International trade in goods has surged to as high as 10% above levels before the Covid-19 pandemic, according to the DHL Trade Growth Atlas, which maps trends in global trade.

Automation the key to Biden software supply chain demands

Cyber agency Axonius says automation 'crucial' if agencies are to meet Whitehouse demands to tighten the security of the software supply chain.


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