How the C3 AI Supply Chain Suite Drives Increased Resilience

C3 AI’s Supply Chain suite is an end-to-end family of enterprise AI applications designed specifically for supply chain planning and execution

Less than 18 months after it was catapulted into the mainstream thanks to the launch of OpenAI’s ChatGPT, generative AI is seemingly everywhere – especially in business circles.

Companies across pretty much every industry are utilising the emerging technology to cut costs, boost productivity and stand out from the crowd within their increasingly competitive markets. 

In the supply chain space specifically, GenAI is a game-changer when it comes to crucial tasks like logistics, inventory management and forecasting, while also helping firms to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and track wider sustainability goals in real time.

C3 AI is a true leader in this field having created what it bills as the only generative AI platform built for the enterprise. C3 Generative AI sits on top of the firm’s proven AI solutions, which have already transformed the way dozens of complex businesses work. 

What’s included in C3 AI’s Supply Chain Suite?

C3 AI’s Supply Chain Suite is an end-to-end family of enterprise AI applications for supply chain planning and execution. 

These applications cover use cases including:

  • Sourcing optimisation to improve procurement decisions
  • Demand forecasting with granular, accurate demand forecasts
  • Production schedule optimisation to drive efficiency in manufacturing production
  • Inventory optimisation to improve inventory service levels and reduce inventory holding costs 
  • C3 AI Supply Network Risk which identifies risks in advance, from inbound supplier delays to order delivery risks.

During a recent webinar hosted by C3, Lila Fridley, Vice President and General Manager, Reliability and Sustainability, explains the importance of its supply chain digital twin to these aforementioned solutions. 

“The supply chain digital twin provides a granular, timed history of all the supply chain operations and all the data flowing in from various ERPs, other enterprise data sources and external data feeds,” she says.

Lila Fridley, Vice President and General Manager, Reliability and Sustainability at C3 AI

“It integrates disparate ERP systems, whether that’s Oracle, SAP or other systems, and unifies them into a common digital view of all your data across your supply chain.”

The result is that, when large multinationals are using different ERPs around the world across various business units, C3 AI’s digital twin is unifying all the transactional data and turning it into a time series of movements across the supply chain. 

This includes the history of demand forecasts, order movements, sales, inventory, supplier relationships and beyond.

Predictive and scalable 

So, what sets C3 AI’s Supply Chain Suite apart from the competition? 

As discussed, it’s an innately predictive software suite, meaning supply chains no longer have to be managed based on what happened a week ago or even what issues are emerging today. 

Instead, its applications provide predictive, granular insights about what risks are coming, what’s likely to change and the optimal decision parameters to account for uncertainty. 

C3 AI is a true leader when it comes to GenAI for supply chain resilience

Lila continues: “Every single application provides a complete workflow for different types of users across the supply chain. That could be demand planners, inventory managers, supplier relationship managers – all the different people involved in supply chain decisions have very specialised and tailored workflows within our applications.”

Another major selling point is that C3 AI offers scalable AI, allowing it to work with some of the biggest organisations in the world belonging to industries including aerospace and defence, oil and gas, retail, manufacturing and healthcare. 

Lila adds: “Our customers are deploying the C3 AI Supply Chain Suite in order to improve their business outcomes on a daily basis.”


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