Dyzle to demonstrate new platform complete with mobile app

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Dyzle BV, the global leader in measuring and analysing business process data for the cold chain in real time, is set to demonstrate a complete technology platform solution.

The platform will be showcased at the 12th Annual Cold Chain GDP & Temperature Management Logistics Global Forum in Boston, USA on 1-2 October.

The solution from Dyzle includes a mobile phone app which enables cold chain visibility worldwide in the last mile.

A key focus of the conference is on supply chain integrity covering the issues of temperature control and temperature-sensitive product handling, which are requirements of most life sciences products today.

The forum will examine the modern cold chain, including all temperature range products and their global GDP requirements.

Dyzle will address the concerns of cold chain and logistics managers who need to provide proof of product integrity to meet patient safety and regulatory requirements, tracking of products anywhere in the world through GPRS and UMTS mobile connectivity, and a cloud-based analytics platform to provide full visibility of the cold chain.

The system also provides real-time alerts for temperature digressions – real-time measurement enables instant feedback and corrective action to be taken immediately.

Dyzle’s solution is a cloud-based solution that collects data such as temperature, humidity, energy consumption and CO2, analyses that data, and makes it visible on a personal dashboard accessible securely over the web from any internet-enabled device. This data helps customers provide undisputable evidence and proof of product quality for temperature-sensitive products.

For the last mile of the cold chain, Dyzle’s new low cost sensor and app for smartphones replaces more costly and difficult to use industrial handheld devices, enabling automatic temperature registration of incoming goods, as well as manual measurements.

Measured data is directly integrated into Dyzle’s cloud-based platform-as-a-service (PaaS) solution, enabling complete visibility of the cold chain. The smartphone based sensor and app provides additional assurance of product safety and integrity at various points in the logistics chain.

The temperature of incoming goods can easily be confirmed by using the smartphone app combined with a temperature sensor probe. The app displays the temperature and indicates whether it is within the correct specified temperature range, displaying critical values, and also indicating any corrective action required. Data is automatically integrated into the cloud and stored in the portal – allowing quality assurance departments or managers to access reports and details at any time.

Dyzle’s real-time cold chain monitoring platform helps provide proof or product integrity of temperature-sensitive products being handled in the food, pharmaceutical and retail logistics cold chain.

The open, independent platform can integrate and utilize data collected from any source, whether it is from proprietary systems or legacy technologies, and provides interpretation and analysis of measured variables such as temperature, humidity, energy consumption and CO2.

For more information, visit www.dyzle.com


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