Coca Cola work with WWF to colour supply chain green

By Freddie Pierce
Follow @JosephWilkesWDM To read the latest edition of Supply Chain Digital click here Drinks giant Coca Cola is making moves to make its supply chain g...

To read the latest edition of Supply Chain Digital click here

Drinks giant Coca Cola is making moves to make its supply chain greener with a series of new targets for improving sustainability.

The company, which sells its drink in every country on earth except North Korea and Cuba, is working with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) to improve sustainability and reduce the environmental impact of its global operations.

Coca Cola has already developed the world’s first-ever fully recyclable plastic beverage bottle made partially from plants, its PlantBottle.

And now it has announced targets for improving the areas of sourcing, water use and carbon efficiency.

The company wants to improve its water efficiency by 25 percent by the year 2020. It has pledged to reduce carbon dioxide emissions of its drinks by a quarter and to work with the WWF to ensure that the materials it uses for its PlantBottle, manufactured from 30 percent plant material, are sourced sustainably.

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of The Coca-Cola Company, Turkish Muhtar Kent, said: “As we face a resource-stressed world with growing global demands on food and water, we must seek solutions that drive mutual benefit for business, communities and nature.

“Working with WWF will continue to challenge our company to advance sustainability programs and WWF’s expertise will be instrumental in reaching our environmental performance goals, some of which they help us set.”

Other targets of the company’s 2020 sustainability strategy include the replenishing of 100 per cent of the water expended through its operations and working to ensure key ingredients, such as sugar cane, mango and pulp and paper are sourced sustainably.

It also claims to be working towards increasing recycling rates of its cans and bottles in markets in developed countries.  


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