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By Freddie Pierce
Putting technology in the hands of the people responsible for the security of your incoming accountable mail and parcels goes a long way towards improv...

Putting technology in the hands of the people responsible for the security of your incoming accountable mail and parcels goes a long way towards improving customer satisfaction and the image of receiving and delivery departments.  

QTrak has developed an iPhone and iPod Touch application that gives receiving managers all the information necessary to answer internal customer delivery inquiries.


By enhancing the iPhone and iPod cameras so they function as high-speed barcode readers that can recognize carrier barcodes, QTrak can quickly capture package-tracking information for all UPS, Fedex, USPS, and DHL shipments.  Using the application a package can then be routed and an email or text message sent to notify the recipient.  The entire receiving process takes less than 10 seconds.  At the point of delivery the recipient signs for the package(s) directly on the device.  All receiving and delivery data including a digital image of the signature is transferred in real time via the iPhone 3G connection or the users wireless network to a secure cloud database that is accessed via a web portal.


Receiving managers using QTrak's package suggestion features can quickly retrieve detailed package history including who received the package, what time it was received, who delivered it, what time it was delivered, who signed for it, and an image of their signature.  This information can be emailed to or accessed directly by authorized individuals.

Organizations benefiting from QTrak's technology include Mailbox / Pack & Ship Stores, mailrooms, receiving departments, hotels, conference centers, residential building managers, college and university housing departments.  QTrak was developed by Q Compile, at Indy Hall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 


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