Infor: A Buyer’s Guide To Supply Chain Management Software

By Jack Grimshaw
We've taken a look at Infor's e-book on how to create an efficient, successfully managed supply chain spanning design, planning, execution and more...

The e-book, titled “A buyer’s guide to supply chain management software” details how supply chain organisations can meet the current and emerging supply chain challenges, and how to successfully embrace digital transformation. One thing is made clear throughout - technology is the key.

Organisations actively engaged in digitising their supply chain operations are more often than not the first to respond to activities threatening their networks. Implementing the correct solutions is the foundation to planning, execution and more for businesses looking to keep up with markets that are constantly changing and evolving.

Digital supply chain transformation trends can’t be ignored. AI has promised to completely revolutionise the industry for the last few years, and looks to be doing so now. Along with artificial intelligence, advanced analytics, IoT, RPA, autonomous technologies and blockchain will also transform the everyday operations of supply chain companies. Organisations must be prepared and willing to adopt these technologies to keep up with competitors and create disruptive business models.

Another trend businesses must embrace is cloud. All modern supply chains, and ones built for the future, have incorporated cloud into their infrastructures. As supply chains continue to grow, more devices become involved in the process. Real-time data can be provided from anywhere, and accessing this can be crucial to reaching the next level.

The importance of visibility across the supply chain cannot be underestimated. The ability to track shipments, orders and products as they move along the supply chain gives complete control to the supply chain leaders. A powerful, cloud-based network can connect every point of the network, with every business and individual able to access the data. 

There is no single, simple solution to innovating in the supply chain. Constant innovation is required if a business is to have any hope at thriving as the technologies of tomorrow continue to become a reality. You can download Infor's e-book here to learn more about the ways organisations can embrace technology and continue to innovate as the supply chain continues to evolve.


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