Cainiao: Setting new Standards for E-Commerce Logistics

Cainiao Group is committed to transforming the logistics industry through continuous innovation to enable a seamless e-commerce experience

It would not be a stretch to refer to Cainiao Group as a global leader in the field of e-commerce logistics. In fact, the Chinese logistics arm of Alibaba Group can claim to be the largest provider of cross-border e-commerce logistics in the world. 

What’s remarkable about Cainiao is that, like all successful organisations, it refuses to stand still – as demonstrated by the global rollout of its ‘5 work-day delivery solution’ alongside AliExpress. 

Launched in the summer of 2023, the project was initially focused on key logistics hubs in Southeast Asia, North America and Europe, with plans to set up warehousing and distribution centres over the ensuing years. 

The latest development comes in the form of a dramatic European expansion, meaning Cainiao and AliExpress can serve several prominent markets. 

Innovative logistics solutions

Founded in 2013 to address growing and evolving requirements for e-commerce logistics services, Cainiao leverages its distinctive ‘e-commerce featuring technology’ DNA to deliver a wide range of innovative end-to-end logistic solutions – through its smart logistic network – to more than 200 countries and territories. 

The company is committed to transforming the logistics industry through continuous innovation to enable a seamless e-commerce experience. Its vision is to achieve delivery within 24 hours in China and 72 hours worldwide.

For now, Cainiao is continuing to invest in technology and infrastructure to strengthen its position as a leading player in the global logistics industry.

The expansion of its five working day delivery solution in Europe serves as another milestone in its mission to build a more connected and efficient network.

Growing demand for faster delivery

Cainiao’s five-day solution was first unveiled in September 2023 across the four European markets of Spain, the UK, Belgium and the Netherlands, leveraging infrastructure and capacity including the Cainiao Liege eHub and its self-operated local delivery service in Spain. 

Lin Wan, CEO at Cainiao Group

Leaders said the strategic expansion was in response to a growing demand among European customers for faster, more reliable delivery services.

The solution was subsequently expanded to Germany, France and Portugal, with close cooperation with local partners established at every stage of the logistics process.

With the inclusion of these crucial markets, Cainiao is enhancing the efficiency and reliability of cross-border e-commerce logistics in Europe.

By leveraging Cainiao's advanced technology and extensive logistics network, AliExpress sellers in China can now offer customers in these markets a seamless delivery experience with a reduced delivery time of just five working days. 

"Europe remains a key focus for us as we continue to enhance our global logistics infrastructure and optimise delivery solutions for our customers," comments Lin Wan, CEO at Cainiao Group. 

"The expansion of our 5 work-day delivery solution to additional European markets reflects our commitment to providing faster, more efficient cross-border logistics services, ultimately delivering greater satisfaction to both sellers and consumers."


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