Alberto Medina, Founder of Telescope at P&SC LIVE Singapore

Alberto Medina, Founder of Telescope Group, is set to take part in The Transformation Forum at Procurement & Supply Chain LIVE Singapore

Connecting the world’s procurement and supply chain leaders, Procurement & Supply Chain LIVE is set to return in 2024. 

Our event series brings together a host of major global businesses as experts deliver insightful keynotes and take part in fascinating fireside chats and panel discussions, sharing valuable knowledge and real-world experiences along the way. 

Mark your calendars for the Singapore (virtual) edition of Procurement and Supply Chain LIVE, which is set to take place on 21 March. 

Core topics of the event will include:

  • Procurement and supply chain strategy
  • Digitalisation
  • Transformation
  • Supply chain sustainability 

Procurement and Supply Chain LIVE Singapore will truly serve as the ultimate virtual platform to network and connect with like-minded peers from Singapore and the wider APAC region. 

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The Transformation Forum: Alberto Medina

Set to take part in The Transformation Forum at Procurement and Supply Chain LIVE Singapore is Alberto Medina, Founder of Telescope Group

Medina first embarked on his entrepreneurial journey in 2006, when he established Telescope in Mexico. Recognising China's emergence as a global manufacturing hub, he had expanded the firm’s operations to Hong Kong and mainland China by 2008.

Telescope's pioneering service, Container Loading Inspection, revolutionised the supply chain for Mexican importers, reducing customs clearance time from an average of eight days to less than 48 hours. Known as "Previo en Origen" in Mexico, this service ensured compliance with customs regulations and enhanced shipment certainty.

Driven by a passion for innovation, Medina led Telescope to develop the Efficax System, a blockchain-based platform digitising the first mile in the supply chain. This cutting-edge solution ensures integrity, security and transparency in the inspection process and in the information reported, providing a window to access all relevant data of the container loading events.

Alberto Medina, Founder of Telescope Group

Medina’s vision extends beyond borders, with Telescope expanding its footprint across Asia and Latin America. Committed to customer satisfaction, he strives to provide seamless solutions that optimise supply chains and drive economic benefits for clients.

As Telescope embraces the technological era, Media is looking to play a pivotal role in the digitisation of the first mile in the supply chain through innovation and adoption of new technologies. 

With a customer-centric approach and a focus on continuous improvement, Medina continues to contribute to the future of international trade and logistics.

What's ahead in 2024?

Procurement & Supply Chain LIVE will host several events throughout the year, both virtually and in person. 

These include:

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In honour of International Women’s Day and Month, Supply Chain Digital, in association with Beroe, AWS and ServiceNow, is set to release its Top 100 Women in Procurement list for 2024.

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