Blue Yonder Release 'Supply Chain OS for World' - Angove

Blue Yonder says Latest Release of its end-to-end Value Chain Platform 'Step Closer to Being Supply Chain Operating System of the World'

Supply chain solutions giant Blue Yonder has released a major product update it says takes it a step closer to “creating the supply chain operating system for the world”.

Blue Yonder’s end-to-end platform helps retailers, manufacturers and logistics providers “predict, pivot and fulfil customer demand”, the company says.

Its solutions offer tools for inventory optimisation, allowing businesses to maintain optimal stock levels, reduce carrying costs and improve the overall efficiency of their supply chain.

Now, the company has launched what it says are the first set of interoperable solutions across the entire supply chain – “from planning to warehouse, transportation, and commerce” – and delivered on the company’s Luminate Cognitive Platform. 

In an uncertain and turbulent world, supply chain visibility is becoming more important than ever, but the widespread adoption of end-to-end solutions still has a way to go.

Blue Yonder says the latest iteration of its solutions provide customers with “increased productivity, reduced waste, and more resilient supply chains”​.

It says the new release allows organisations to:

  • Orchestrate sourcing, production, logistics and network strategies in a single operating system “to optimise operational efficiency, maximise demand and reduce cost”.
  • Align demand with warehouse & labour capacity and transportation, prior to sourcing “for seamless inventory flow and reduced overhead”.
  • Build logistics loads that factor in real-time inventory “to balance customer demand and waste”.

Blue Yonder says its interoperable solutions now meet these challenges by:

  • Providing a scalable, real-time digital twin “to streamline and accelerate enterprise-wide decision-making”.
  • Offering the end-to-end visibility needed for “adjacent teams to work toward a unified goal”.
  • Embedding AI and machine learning to support a future of autonomous supply chains.
  • Ensuring all solutions connect through a single source of data,  

“Today’s supply chains are operated by a fragmented ecosystem of legacy solutions, with many being stitched together over time with custom configurations and code,” says Duncan Angove, CEO, Blue Yonder. 

Integrated software suites 'don't give visibility' 

Angove says that, while many supply chain solution providers claim to offer end-to-end capabilities “it is typically confined to planning or execution spaces where they’ve integrated their own product suites”. 

Blue Yonder, he says, is changing that by “establishing a new category of solutions with interoperable capabilities” that is “aligned with our vision to create the supply chain operating system for the world”. 

Manufacturers, logistics companies, suppliers and retailers are all seeking to mitigate market volatility in their supply chain and build greater resilience, but are often hampered by siloed business processes across planning, transportation, warehouse, e-commerce, and last mile fulfilment. 

“For years, the supply chain industry has had a data problem,” says Angove. “There’s too much of it. It’s scattered across disparate solutions, and sharing has become so risky that some organisations have simply come to avoid it.” 

He says Blue Yonder’s partnership with  cloud computing company Snowflake helps customers address the data challenge “by centralising data into a single source of truth”.

Tim Long, Global Head of Manufacturing at Snowflake, says this “reduces the latency in decision-making and makes sharing secure, fast and easy”. 

“Now Blue Yonder’s solutions can deliver scale and performance that allow customers to accelerate time-to-value, unlock team productivity, and drive greater resilience,” he adds.


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