Coface Provides Visibility and Suppliers' Financial Health

Urba 360 – from global leader in risk management, Coface – is a data-driven solution that provides visibility on the financial health of any given supplier

Having a clear, end-to-end picture of one’s supply chain at any given moment in time is vital – and never more so than now, when the risk barometer is reading ‘stormy’, thanks to a conveyor belt of shocks that have included Covid, labour problems.

As if that wasn’t enough, the two most important sea freight routes – the Panama and Suez Canals – are currently compromised by drought and military unrest respectively.

Having visibility around suppliers is a must for businesses who want not just to survive difficult times, but to thrive. Having a resilient supply chain in today’s world is a powerful marketing tool, but this is not possible without reliable supplier data.

And yet, reliable data is something many businesses still lack. Sales teams have long been able to access data about customers and prospects, but less so supply chain managers, who in a tough market must be able to gauge the financial health of a supplier before engaging them.

And it’s not knowing the financial health of suppliers that is important to maintaining a resilient supply chain – it’s also having a 360-view of the economic and political stability of a given territory, region or country.

One of the barriers to achieving visibility around suppliers and the countries in which they operate is siloed data. 

A data silo is when information is accessible only to a particular team, department or organisation. Incomplete or inconsistent data leads to poor decision making and can result in costly errors, delayed time to market and friction with suppliers or customers.

Data silos lead to poor supply chain decisions 

Across an organisation, data can be locked away in multiple places, and inaccessible to those who want and need it. 

In the context of supplier financial health, end-to-end visibility requires a solution that is built on data that paints 360-degree pictures.

Coface is a global leader in trade credit insurance, grants access to risk management insights gained over 75 years’ experience. 

Trusted by over 50,000 clients across 100 countries, helping organisations build resilient transport and logistics networks, by providing actionable analysis that protects them against non-payment in domestic and export markets.

Coface employs 700 credit analysts and underwriters, as well as renowned economists and industry experts. 

With a database of 4,500 employees in 100 countries globally, Coface allies the power of data science with the expertise of its risk professionals, to provide businesses with the insight needed to trade smarter.

Urba 360 by Coface is a business information solution that allows customers to leverage the data-driven insights that Coface has on companies worldwide. 

This gives businesses a 360-view on supplier risk, helping them monitor their portfolio and simplify risk management strategies.

Urba 360 works by displaying an at-a-glance the financial health of any given company. 

Customers can explore micro-economic insights and carry out in-depth analysis into the likelihood of that supplier defaulting in the coming 12 months. Urba 360 also supplies information around how much credit Coface recommends extending to a given supplier.

Coface and its solutions break down data silos around suppliers, allowing businesses to see the full picture. 

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