Markon Cooperative selects FoodLogiQ analytics platform for supply chain visibility

By Dale Benton
One of the leading foodservice companies in the U.S. and Canada has selected a data analytics solution to providegreater global supply chain visibility...

One of the leading foodservice companies in the U.S. and Canada has selected a data analytics solution to provide greater global supply chain visibility and streamlined supplier management.

FoodLogiQ, a SaaS provider of food safety compliance, whole chain traceability and supply chain transparency solutions, announced that Markon had selected its FoodLogiQ Connect Manage + Monitor Platform.

The supplier management software from FoodLogiQ allows customers to create custom onboarding workflows that will fit the ever-changing demands that are placed on the foodservice supply chain. Thjrough a dashboard supplier view, companies have complete visibility over their suppliers and their performance, can better manage documents and approval, assess and benchmark suppliers and monitor and act on real-time data.

Markon selected FoodLogiQ because the company required a “technology solution to provide a global view of their supplier quality management, and they needed greater transparency across the company’s supply chain,” said Tim York, Makron President.

“We vetted several systems providers and felt that FoodLogiQ was best positioned to help us manage data and dramatically increase efficiencies. With hundreds of suppliers, and thousands of farms, a robust system is necessary for us to maintain our industry-leading food programs.”

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FoodLogiQ Connect Manage + Monitor will allow Makron to centralise its supplier documentation in order to meet food safety standards and ease Food Saftey Modernisation Act (FSMA) compliance, track and report food safety across the entire global supply chain and “leverage data-driven reporting.”

“Markon’s commitment to providing their customers with safe, quality produce is second to none, and we are proud to work with such a well-respected organisation,” said FoodLogiQ CEO Sean O’Leary. “We’re very pleased that, after researching a wide variety of solution providers, Markon chose FoodLogiQ to help them manage their supplier relationships, gain visibility into their supply chain, and utilise real-time data and analytical reporting to make intelligent business decisions.”


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