Rai Antonio De Jesus

Rai Antonio De Jesus

Chief Procurement Officer at ePLDT

ePLDT Chief Procurement Officer Rai De Jesus on how he was born to be a procurement professional

I can say I was essentially born into this field. My father, a logistics manager at the Philippines’ largest brewery, instilled in me the importance of supply chain management. After retiring, he established his own third-party logistics company, which supported me through college. Meanwhile my mother’s thrifty habits align perfectly with those of procurement professionals. She taught us to live within our means, a lesson I’ve carried into my adult life.

Procurement has long captivated my interest, particularly the aspect of managing the organisation’s expenses as if it were your own business. 

Over the past two decades, I’ve dedicated myself to procurement and supply chain roles, specialising in Strategic Sourcing and Category Management. 

What’s the biggest shift in your career?

Transitioning from multinational corporations to a Filipino-owned company is a step I’ve taken aiming to contribute my experience and knowledge to the local business landscape. With my background in managing procurement and supply chain functions within global entities, I aspire to apply best practices and innovations to improve procurement practices.

Being with ePLDT is a great experience. I get to work with industry experts and be exposed to local entrepreneurship. It is a good collaborative synergy where I can draw from my experience and combine it with new learnings to act as a catalyst for ePLDT’s growth. 

What aspect of your role do you enjoy the most?

Everything – from preparing strategies on how to negotiate with the suppliers to working with stakeholders.

If I have to pick one, it is the opportunity to connect with people. I’ve always viewed Procurement as a people-enabled profession where you have to build partnerships both internally and externally. It’s a unique line of work where you find cohesiveness from different views to achieve a common goal.

Proudest professional achievement?

Last year is a pivotal year in my career. I was honoured to receive the Gawad Sinop Excellence in Procurement Award. 

It's given by the Philippine Institute of Supply Management (PISM), the oldest non-profit organisation for supply management professionals in the Philippines. It is the most prestigious award a Filipino supply chain practitioner can receive, and I am extremely humbled to receive the recognition.

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