Indian company claims output has been transformed by high-speed cross belt sortation technology

By Stuart Hodge
An innovative new sorting technology is allowing an Indian logistics company to ship over a million pieces of clothing every day. Future Supply Chain S...

An innovative new sorting technology is allowing an Indian logistics company to ship over a million pieces of clothing every day.

Future Supply Chain Solutions (FSC) uses a high-speed cross belt sortation technique across its flagship distribution centre in Mihan, Nagpur.

The sortation technique picks, sorts and matches merchandise into boxes for specific stores and then dispatches them with an accuracy that is "far higher than any manual process and in a significantly lower time".

The technology, developed in Germany, can work with all sorts of materials such as toys, utensils, luggage and footwear and boasts almost 99.99% accuracy.  It’s also three times faster than the company’s pre-existing sorting mechanism.

Developers Beumer Group say it provides improved productivity, increased throughput and better flexibility as well as heightened accuracy and higher service standards.

Speaking about the latest technology, Mayur Toshniwal, Managing Director of FSC said: "We are always in search of ways and methods that can improve our business model which is why our distribution centers across the country are thoughtfully designed in a manner that reduces cost, time and increases efficiency.”

FSC describes itself as "India's first fully integrated and IT-enabled end-to-end 'INDIAN 3PL' and supply chain service provider with capabilities in handling modern warehousing and distribution, express logistics and cold chain logistics".

Since it was established in 2007, the company has focused on creating a modern supply chain network whilst trying to integrate global best practices adapted and customised for India.

FSC has a network of state-of-the-art distribution centres, integrated with modern transportation hubs and 120 branches across India augmented by "industry leading technology and automation'" which they say provides visibility across the complete supply chain.

Toshniwal added: "The centre in Mihan is an example of how we would like to modernise the logistics business in India."

The company has yet to announce formal plans to implement any of the technology in their other existing centres.


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