Uber Freight & CSCMP Publish Transport Management Guide

Uber Freight & Council for Supply Chain Management Professionals Publish 2024 Guide to Transportation Management, Offering Logistics Management Insights

Uber Freight and the Council for Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) have joined forces to publish a guide to help logistics teams worldwide navigate a difficult market. 

The 2024 Guide to Transportation Management offers insights to enhance transportation management strategies, 

In its intro, the booklet discusses how successful transportation management require “a dynamic, proactive strategy to adapt to market conditions”. 

It describes the current market, as “soft”, but says that this provides an opportunity to strengthen transportation operations through “emphasising AI-powered tools for routing, contingency planning, reliable capacity and procurement, fraud prevention and sustainable transportation”.

The publication adds that a proactive transportation strategy is built upon: 

  • Accurate insights across the entire supply chain
  • Integration of modern logistics technology
  • Partnering with a managed transportation provider to mitigate future disruptions.

The following is among the advice given by Uber Freight and the CSCMP.

TMS data analysis  It advises businesses to analyse transportation management system data and AI-driven insights "to inform routing guide design changes". Leveraging up-to-date, accurate information “helps you secure the best rates, pinpoint and improve non-pricing factors that increase tender acceptance rates, and benchmark carrier performance”.
Align with stakeholders  It urges logistics providers to include stakeholders in network-needs discussions. “Consider needs such as on-time service, capacity gaps, and automatic load tendering,” it advises.
Prioritise delivery  Delivering goods on time should be the top priority, it says, “especially if you’re a company that has to meet retailers’ on-time-and-in-full mandates”. It urges logistics providers to conduct a performance assessment “to measure how your freight is performing from an on-time perspective, and determine the root causes of delays and how to solve those issues”. 
Contingency plans  A comprehensive plan, it says, starts with “understanding the risks and potential hazards in your network and having foresight into what’s happening in the freight industry”. It adds: “Examine how historical scenarios may impact your business and create a plan to work around those hurdles.”
A key action here, the booklet advises, is to develop “levers to pull in specific risk scenarios, and establish monitoring mechanisms to react to network hazards quickly”.
Safeguard supply chain against fraud  Transportation theft has surged over the past year, the publication warns. “Fraud increases delays, miscommunications and customer dissatisfaction across a supply chain,” it says.
It says transportation companies must invest in real-time shipment tracking to catch suspicious activity as it’s in progress and to report instances of fraud to third-party organisations such as TIA Watchdog and CargoNet.
Just as important, it continues, is “to conduct training initiatives for logistics teams to gain hands-on experience in flagging suspicious carriers and brokers”.

About Uber Freight

Launched in 2017 as an autonomous business division within Uber, Uber Freight connects shippers to carriers with capacity. It delivers an end-to-end enterprise suite of relational logistics to advance supply chains. Its operations are based on expert-led partnerships, AI-based intelligence and next-generation logistics services for the end-to-end supply chain.


The CSCMP is a global association for supply chain and logistics professionals, and is strong in the area of logistics education and training. Members have access to conferences, research and a network of 6,000 fellow professionals. It publishes an annual State of Logistics Report, with the latest finding that supply chains have transformed into supply networks, to improve resilience against future disruption. The CSCMP is one of the leading supply chain and logistics organisations in the world.


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