Is the USPS courier model irrelevant?

By Freddie Pierce
Exactly how relevant is the U.S. Post Office to the business world when it comes to payments? Not very, according to business users whov...

Exactly how relevant is the U.S. Post Office to the business world when it comes to payments? Not very, according to business users who’ve flocked to the company’s vCheck solution, enabling ready-to-print checks processed via the Web and rendering the phrase, “check is in the mail” as irrelevant.

Bypassing the traditional U.S. Postal Service, vCheck allows a payee to enter their check information securely online, instantly creating a ready-to-print PDF version of the check for the recipient business. Since it began offering vCheck to business customers earlier this year, Servistree says the technology is the fastest-growing solution demanded by customers in a variety of B2B or B2C businesses.


Servistree, an innovator and leader in the payment acceptance industry, believes the technology will be its largest-selling service entering 2012.

“Businesses today, both large and small, can run their entire payment processing operations without the need of the U.S. Postal Service,” Adam Weizer, president of Servistree said. “There are a lot of similarities to online banking, but vCheck still allows for a printable check which is important for records keeping and other accounting functions.”

Business inquiries into Servistree for vCheck have been growing especially in areas where local U.S. Postal Service branches have been rumored to be closing. The U.S. Postal Service has been talking about shutting down its Saturday delivery, which could negatively impact businesses that rely on Saturdays for check payments.


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Businesses in turn have been seeking newer ways to receive a consistent and reliable source for payments. Rep. Darrell Issa. R-Calif. and the chairman of the House Oversight Committee said recently that mail volume has dropped 20 percent during the last five years because of new technology.

There are no transactions or processing fees when businesses deposit checks through the vCheck technology. “The economy is still in a state of extreme sluggishness and it’s important for every business to get paid on time, without delays from any possible Postal Service disruptions or canceled daily deliveries,” added Weizer.

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