UPS subsidiary Ware2Go launches new suite of SCM tools

By Sean Galea-Pace
The logistics giant UPS’s subsidiary, Ware2Go, has introduced a new suite of supply chain optimization tools to enable merchants to become more effici...

The logistics giant UPS’s subsidiary, Ware2Go, has introduced a new suite of supply chain optimization tools to enable merchants to become more efficient.

Ware2Go, a nationwide on-demand fulfilment platform that specialises in scalable capacity, quick delivery, easy onboarding and excellent customer service, has rolled out the software in a bid to reach new customers.

The self-service integrated toolset allows businesses to enhance their demand forecasts, identify optimal inventory levels and quantify the overall value of strategically distributing inventory close to end users.

According to the press release, the suite of tools includes:

Demand Forecasting: The combination of macroeconomic factors with seasonal trends and historical sales data to more accurately project order volumes.

Warehouse Network Optimization: Identifies optimal warehouse placements based on historical and projected customer demand with the aim of accelerating shipping speeds while reducing transportation costs.


Inventory Level Optimization: Prescribes inventory distribution across warehouse locations and sets optimal reorder points in order to minimise inventory costs and reduce stock-outs.

Service-Level Performance Insights: Improves decision-making with easy access to critical info such as real-time inventory levels, SKY velocity, order trends, fulfillment accuracy and delivery speed.

With customer expectations for efficient delivery continuing to increase, small business owners must adopt quicker, more complex fulfillment processes while retaining inventory visibility and managing costs. Through the new data and analytics capabilities, Ware2Go manages inventory and order fulfillment more effectively with less time and effort.

“We are leveling the playing field by providing businesses of all sizes visibility and operational insights to guide decisions and optimize their supply chains,” commented Patrick Cadic, VP of Sales & Marketing for Ware2Go. “By putting our customers in control of their fulfillment processes, we’re helping them improve their distribution networks, compete at scale and grow their businesses.”

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