Unified Microsoft Dynamics ERP/CRM Solution Launched

By Freddie Pierce
Axonom, a leading Microsoft Dynamics Partner and premier provider of business-to-business software solutions, and Armanino Consulting, Armanino McKenna...

Axonom, a leading Microsoft Dynamics Partner and premier provider of business-to-business software solutions, and Armanino Consulting, Armanino McKenna’s business consulting division, announced Wednesday a partnership forged to launch the first “fully unified” ERP/CRM solution.

The announcement, made during the Microsoft 2012 Worldwide Partner Conference in Toronto, Canada, acknowledged the unique needs of semiconductor and high technology electronics companies and the solution will be aimed to meet these specific needs.

"This industry-specific solution is the first to truly unify business processes across departments, locations and systems for electronics companies," Scott Mangelson, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Practice leader at Armanino Consulting, said. "The ERP and CRM applications are designed to work as one system, with built-in support for cross-system business processes."


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The announcement marks an exciting development for electronics companies in the high tech space. Cross-departmental business processes will be able flow between ERP and CRM automatically, including specific functions like forecasting, quotes, order management, credit management, invoices,shipping status, backlog, available-to-promise, inventory status, financials and other business processes.

Vice president of sales for Axonom Mike Belongie says that the new solution has "power that goes beyond a standard integrated solution. For customers who implement this solution, the risks associated with major IT projects are dramatically reduced and return on investment is achieved in a much shorter interval."

Mangelson adds, "Microsoft Dynamics products are scalable, flexible, effective and
affordable. These technology platforms have been great to implement for our clients. When they are combined with the business process engineering expertise and industry specific knowledge of our consultants, our clients are able to gain insight into their businesses and significantly grow their enterprises."


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