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By Freddie Pierce
Guest contributor: Amy Beringer-Smith The organisers of Ro-Ro, Europes only event dedicated to the roll-on/roll-off industry, have launched the first b...

Guest contributor: Amy Beringer-Smith

The organisers of Ro-Ro, Europe’s only event dedicated to the roll-on/roll-off industry, have launched the first blog devoted to the rolling cargo sector – The Future of Ro-Ro Blog went live on 13 February 2012.

The Future of Ro-Ro Blog has been developed to offer car manufacturers, shippers, equipment manufacturers, port and terminal operators and shipping lines a platform to debate and shape the future of the Ro-Ro industry. Throughout 2012, the blog will feature the thoughts of some of the sector’s leading figures and brightest minds.


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The blog will explore the many challenges and threats facing the Ro-Ro sector and each week a special guest blogger will share their views on one of these issues. The posts will focus on experiences of new technologies, ways of improving terminal operations, changing environmental legislation and other topics affecting businesses.

Sophie Ahmed, Event Director of RORO, which takes place in Gothenburg from 22-24 May 2012, will be responsible for editing the blog.  She commented: “It’s an exciting time to work within the Ro-Ro industry – times are changing and the industry is being forced to adopt new ways of operating. There are significant opportunities out there, but there are also challenges, such as the environment, which will be high on the agenda throughout the next few years.

“People are increasingly looking to social media and the internet as a way of sourcing information, sharing views and networking with like-minded individuals. We launched The Future of Ro-Ro Blog to help operators share their best practices, knowledge and insights, and ultimately, grow their businesses.

“We are looking forward to working with people involved in ro-ro industry to discuss the wide ranging issues affecting businesses and building this forum into a one-stop shop for anything related to the movement of rolling cargo.”

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