FedEx Corp launches CrossBorder e-commerce subsidiary

By Nye Longman
FedEx Corp is launching an e-commerce subsidiary which will be known as FedEx CrossBorder. The new part of the business will be a subsidiary of FedEx Tr...

FedEx Corp is launching an e-commerce subsidiary which will be known as FedEx CrossBorder. The new part of the business will be a subsidiary of FedEx Trade Networks and will assist online retailers with cross-border selling issues.

James Muhs, president and CEO of FedEx Trade Networks said: “Customers are looking for ways to tap into e-commerce markets internationally, and FedEx CrossBorder helps provide that access. FedEx CrossBorder expands the FedEx portfolio and provides e-tailers with opportunities to ship locally and grow internationally. E-tailers ship their orders to one of our domestic locations, and FedEx CrossBorder gets the orders to the customers’ international destinations.”

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The new subsidiary will help online sellers with such issues as regulatory compliance, secure payment processing, multi-currency pricing, and credit card fraud protection. Furthermore, FedEx CrossBorder can be configured to work alongside a business’ existing website and shopping cart platform while providing a secure, integrated checkout. Its design allows retailers to maintain their brand identity and customer experience while also helping to provide sellers with unprecedented access to new countries and territories across the globe.

Chip Hull, vice president of FedEx CrossBorder added: “Only about one-third of US based global e-commerce sites accept foreign currencies, and research tells us that customers are more likely to abandon shopping carts that only show U.S. dollar pricing. FedEx CrossBorder addresses international purchasing obstacles with a seamless checkout and delivery approach that accepts more than 80 currencies, provides 15 payment options, manages multiple delivery options and offers credit card fraud protection, all through a single platform.”

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SOURCE: [Memphis Business Journal


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