DHL: Rethinking Packaging

By Sean Galea-Pace
The logistics giants, DHL, has released a new Trend Report that provides an in-depth insight into the future of packaging. Supply Chain Digital takes a...

The logistics giants, DHL, has released a new Trend Report that provides an in-depth insight into the future of packaging. Supply Chain Digital takes a closer look.

With e-commerce growing in demand significantly, the overall number of products shipped is increasing as packages begin to travel further through longer, more complex cross-border logistics networks. The report found that for nine out of 10 companies, packaging is set to play a key role over the next three to five years. 

With fast-tracked delivers and popular subscriptions services resulting in frequent single-item shipments, it contributes to more carbon emissions and packaging waste. The logistics industry is anticipated to play an influential role in decreasing the cost, inconvenience and environmental impact of packaging. In order to continue to thrive, it must adopt new technologies, materials and processes across the value chain such as: packaging optimisation, packaging automation, sustainable packaging material, reusable packaging and reverse logistics and smart packaging.

The current challenges related to packaging in logistics are:

  • Maintaining reasonable packaging spend.

  • Shipment damage incidents.

  • Optimisation of transportation capacity.


Top trends taking over the packaging strategy:

  • Demand for sustainable packaging material.

  • Public awareness for packaging waste.

  • Delivering outstanding customer experience.

“The Trend Report and our customer survey illustrate just how important easy, recyclable and robust packaging is to an overall positive customer experience,” said Matthias Heutger, Senior Vice President of Global Head of Innovation & Commercial Development at DHL. “The acceleration of changing needs of companies, consumers and the wider environment however increases costs and reduces effectiveness. We believe that the adoption of new packaging optimisation tools, materials and handling technologies will significantly boost efficiency and productivity. That in turn, will drive changes in the operations of supply chains and logistics processes.”

Interested in reading DHL’s full “Rethinking Packaging” report? Click here!

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Image: DHL Media.


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