Top 10 Consulting Firms: Capgemini

By Georgia Wilson
After featuring in Supply Chain Digital’s Top 10 Consulting Firms, we take a closer look at Capgemini’s services for the industry. With one of th...

After featuring in Supply Chain Digital’s Top 10 Consulting Firms, we take a closer look at Capgemini’s services for the industry.

With one of the broadest supply chain management portfolios on the market, Capgemini is one of the leading consultancy firms providing technology and digital transformation services.

Capgemini prides itself on being at the forefront of innovation in order to address the entire breadth of their clients’ opportunities as cloud, digital and platforms evolve. 

Capgemini’s services range from consulting to systems integration and outsourcing supply chain processes, delivering end-to-end services to provide targeted transformation to large-scale global supply chains.

In the last five years, Capgemini’s international team of experts has managed projects for over 75% of the Fortune 500 companies. 

By incorporating its practice capabilities, accelerators and core services, Capgemini strives to guide companies towards the business outcomes they want to achieve.


Some of Capgemini's services include:

  • Predictive asset management

  • Product innovation and compliance transformation

  • Outsourcing models for optimisation

  • Supply chain management

Capgemini’s team of experts work with businesses from the strategy phase, right through to implementation. Providing end-to-end services to address each aspect of the supply chain, with its leading process flows, industry best practices, templates, test scripts and change management artifacts, in order to reduce costs, improve service levels, cut waste, lower carbon footprints and increase accuracy and agility. 

“We reinforce business drivers by being a proactive, prescriptive and a powerful partner to help our clients create competitive advantage.”

Facts and figures:

Founded: 1967

Employees: 220,000

Countries: 40

Global revenue 2019: US$14.1bn 

Chairman and CEO: Paul Hermelin

Mission and value: “At Capgemini, we live and breathe the philosophy that people matter and results count.” 

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Image source: Capgemini


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