NEWS ROUND-UP: This week's hottest supply chain stories ...

By Sean Ashcroft
Christmas is cancelled, prices are soaring, firms are facing a ESG timebomb ... small wonder the mainstream press have gone supply chain potty


Mainstream media is all over supply chain crisis like a rash

Pre-pandemic, only B2B media outlets were interested in supply chain news, but now the mainstream press can’t get enough of supply snarl-ups and logistic log-jams. Even the UK red-top tabloids - whose usual beat is straying celebs and romping vicars - are all over supply chain like a rash.



Supply chain 'could mean Xmas season of tears, not cheer'

With overheating supply chains sending toy delivery lead-times soaring, parents are being urged to order early to avoid Christmas morning meltdowns. The warning, from German software giant SAP comes as supply chains struggle to meet a monstrous rise in online shopping levels prompted by the pandemic. SAP’s advice? If there’s a hot toy on your child’s wish-list this Christmas then order now, or prepare for a season of tears, not cheer.

Reopened US sees air carriers ease cargo logjam

At last, trans-Atlantic airlines have begun to ease the burden on over-wrought container shipping routes, now the US has opened its borders to double-jabbed foreign nationals. Folk have been flooding into US airports. And with carriers adding new flights to service demand, it means extra belly space is available for freight.

'Vendor bloat' leaves global businesses facing ESG time-bomb

Multinational firms battling to overcome supply headache by using more vendors could be facing an environmental, social and governance (ESG) time-bomb. Businesses who rely on an ever-expanding network of vendors run the risk of falling foul of ESG no-no’s, like depletion of natural resources, human rights abuses and corruption. 

2022 'bleak for supply' warns US snacks giant Mondelez

The multinational food, drink and snack outfit Mondelez expects supply chain problems in 2022 to be every bit as tough as this year. A shortage of truck drivers was given as a major factor. And to remove the cherry from the cake, as well as the icing, the company’s CEO warned punters to expect price hikes of between 6 to 7 per in Q1 2022.

Walmart feeds supply chain with vast new grocery centre

One of the United States’ largest retail operations, Walmart, is adding further automated grocery distribution centres to its ever-expanding supply chain network. This shows Walmart is walking the walk on its promise to improve its supply chain to service customers’ needs more quickly. #

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