HKIA: the world's busiest cargo terminal

By Sean Galea-Pace
Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) has been the world’s busiest airport by cargo traffic since 2010. The airport handles around 5.1mn tonnes of t...

Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) has been the world’s busiest airport by cargo traffic since 2010.

The airport handles around 5.1mn tonnes of total cargo throughput, which accounted for 42% of Hong Kong’s total external trade. HKIA has over 100 airlines operating flights to more than 180 cities globally.

Since the opening of Cathay Pacific Cargo Terminal in 2013, the airline’s subsidiary that designed, built and now operates the terminal, HKIA’s annual capacity rose 50%. The facility is considered one of the biggest and most sophisticated terminals in the world and provides additional air cargo handling capacity and facilities that help reinforce Hong Kong’s position as the world's premier international air freight hub.


“Our mission is to become the world’s best cargo terminal in terms of innovation and customer services,” commented Algernon Yau, CEO of Cathay Pacific Services (now former). “We provide total logistics solutions and understand the needs of the airlines, as well as our customers and air freight forwarders.”

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Hong Kong International Airport was the first airport to handle over 5mn metric tons annually. Their air routes and connectivity means they are able to reach half of the world’s population within five hours or less. “Our terminal control centre proactively monitors process activities in the cargo terminal with an accurate flow of information and data,” added Yau. “This provides an instant update of information in the warehouse operating systems to enable our customers to provide real-time tracking of cargo coming into Hong Kong.”

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