EY: supply chain strategies in Asia

By Sean Galea-Pace
In February’s edition of Supply Chain Digital, we interviewed Rodrigio Cambiaghi, Asia-Pacific and Greater China Supply Chain and Operations Leader at...

In February’s edition of Supply Chain Digital, we interviewed Rodrigio Cambiaghi, Asia-Pacific and Greater China Supply Chain and Operations Leader at EY, to discuss supply chain strategies in Asia. In this article, we take a closer look at Cambiaghi.

Cambiaghi has previously worked at Volkswagen, Daimler Chrysler, Deloitte Consulting, Axia Consulting, CIRRELT and Axia Value Chain Consulting across a career spanning three decades. He has lived and worked across North America, Europe, Asia and Latin America, and is now based in Shanghai. He was originally born in Brazil, before moving to Germany after college to start his career in the supply chain. “In Germany, I worked for large automotive OEMs to define their global manufacturing strategy. After a few years, I moved into consulting,” he says. From there, Cambiaghi’s career took him further into Europe and then onto Canada. “Together with some friends, I started a boutique consulting firm that had a client portfolio of fast-growing global corporations. The reach and complexity of our clients forced us to scale quickly and to branch into different markets, one of those being the United States,” explains Cambiaghi. “My role was to establish and grow the business in the North American market and we became successful quite quickly. In 2012, we got an offer to sell the business to EY so I initially joined the organisation through acquisition and I’ve been here ever since.” 


As part of his current role with EY, Cambiaghi advises senior executives on supply chain and manufacturing strategies and acts as EY’s leader in complex transformational projects. Operating with a strong client-centricity attitude, he has a strong passion for talent management. “We have a large talent pool and people are at the core of our business. You’re only as successful as the people who work for you and we’re extremely proud that we’re recognised as a top employer in all the markets,” he says. “Our values are aligned to the market and our brand not only showcases a trusted organisation but also innovation. We’re able to attract the best talent because of the opportunities we have for our people to grow.” The size of EY’s supply chain talent workforce doubles every eight to nine months in countries like China, a statistic that Cambiaghi is delighted with. “Talent is what we’re looking for and it’s everyone’s job. In China, I’m pleased how quickly we’ve built such a strong reputation and brand in the market because it allows us to attract and retain top talent. It’s part of our DNA.”

Learn more about Rodrigio’s journey with EY in February’s edition of Supply Chain Digital.

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