DHL: top trends impacting SCM in 2020

By Sean Galea-Pace
With 2020 imminent, DHL Supply Chain has shared three supply chain trends that are set to have the greatest impact on operations in North America during...

With 2020 imminent, DHL Supply Chain has shared three supply chain trends that are set to have the greatest impact on operations in North America during the next 12 months. Supply Chain Digital takes a closer look.

There are a range of new technologies that are disrupting the supply chain space such as AI, machine learning and blockchain, and with this it can sometimes be overwhelming to leverage technology that will actually enhance processes.

DHL has released three trends that are anticipated to have the biggest impact in supply chain during 2020:

Emerging technologies go mainstream

Over the past 10 years, technology has enhanced significantly. Companies now have a plethora of technology available at their fingertips and they have greater freedom to maneuver than ever before. With 5G on the way in, the time is now for firms to show a robust data management foundation so they’re well-placed to collect and mine the data to derive actionable insights. “As we go into 2020, we’ll see artificial intelligence getting more accessible robots becoming more sophisticated, and predictive modelling becoming even more accurate,” commented Scott Sureddin, CEO of DHL Supply Chain North America. “This maturation will allow us to apply technologies in even more ways to drive efficiency and create value for our customers. The last decade introduced us to these technologies and the next decade will make them commonplace.”


Product positioning becomes paramount

Due to the rise of e-commerce, there are an increasing number of ways to get products into consumers’ hands. Because of the high delivery expectations of consumers, companies must have the right item in stock to meet two-day and sometimes, one-day orders. In order to achieve this, inventory positioning is crucial. DHL expects the new decade to see growth of micro-fulfillment centres, particularly in the grocery industry.

Gender diversity makes its mark in the supply chain

Women are beginning to enter the supply chain space at an ever-growing rate. DHL reported that 32% of DHL’s Supply Chain’s new associates consist of women. A reason for this significant rise is thought to be down to a greater emphasis on STEM in both early education and campus recruiting efforts.


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Image: DHL Press


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