Conference on maximising African port capacity, June 4, Lagos

By Freddie Pierce
Active Communications Internationals 3rd Maximising African Port Capacity conference will address the key challenges faced by African ports when faced...

Active Communications International’s 3rd Maximising African Port Capacity conference will address the key challenges faced by African ports when faced with operational change and site expansion.

This includes issues in construction, infrastructure, access, hinterland and storage. There will be the opportunity to hear case studies of how ports have faced and overcome these challenges and the corresponding benefits of completing projects successfully.

In addition, there will be “essential” updates in issues of security, safety and quality, and global trade patterns so as to ensure that any developmental projects are refined to cope with the modern challenges the industry currently faces. 

Key presentations this year include:


Developing working partnerships in Africa


Assessing investment options


Overcoming new construction challenges


Expanding and upgrading entrance channels


Cargo-specific port infrastructure models


Effective inland depot development


Matching operations to hinterland potential


Improving safety and quality culture


Assessing security challenges and solutions


Market analysis of international trade flow


Including ‘green’ design elements in port portscrease efficiency in the management of throughput


Understand how to incorporate environmental sustainability into development plans


The organiser ACI said: “All ACI’s meetings are strictly end-user focussed and attract a targeted group of senior level decision-makers from industry.

“Delegates will be drawn from Port Authorities, Port Operators and Terminal Operating companies and include VPs, Directors and Managers. Also local and national government, Private Investors in port/ infrastructure, Port development consultants Suppliers of specialist port technologies and equipment.”

Previous attendees include the Nigerian Ports Authority, Namibian Ports Authority, Namport, Siemens, United Kingdom Hydrographic Office and Toyota Tsusho Africa Ltd, to name but a few.


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