Avatria, Celonis and Emporix drive efficiency for ACR

With the cloud-native Digital Commerce Platform and Commerce Execution Platform, Emporix, Avatria & Celonis are helping AmerCareRoyal drive better outcomes

With its leading cloud-native Digital Commerce Platform (DCP), Emporix enables wholesalers, distributors, manufacturers, retailers and brands to utilise insights and ultimately deliver better outcomes.

“Our motivation to found Emporix was that we saw gaps in the market,” explains Eberhardt Weber, Emporix’s Founder and CEO. “So many commerce systems were built more than two decades ago: before the millennium and even before the cloud itself. We decided to build a new cloud-native and API-first commerce platform from the ground up, with a focus on enterprise businesses in B2B and also sophisticated B2C business models.”

Emporix worked with Avatria on implementing the Digital Commerce Platform for AmerCareRoyal, a leading supplier for disposables used in the catering, janitorial, sanitation, industrial, hospitality and medical industries. Avatria is the preferred implementation partner of Emporix in North America due to their strong emphasis on high quality implementations, done right, the first time.

“AmerCareRoyal had been a customer of Celonis and they were working heavily with their business process mining capabilities to identify bottlenecks and streamline their processes,” Weber explains. “Now, alongside Celonis, Emporix has helped develop a new product called Commerce Execution Platform (CXP).”

CXP is an orchestration engine that helps organisations optimise outcomes by leveraging up- and downstream process insights to guide and drive the orchestration of multi-step scenarios.

Celonis, the global leader in Process Mining technology, was central to AmerCareRoyal’s ongoing process transformation initiatives. Now, Celonis’ process intelligence facilitates the end-to-end orchestration that has made the Commerce Execution Platform indispensable to AmerCareRoyal.

When Weber introduced the platform to Jeff DeSandre, AmerCareRoyal’s CIO, he says he immediately realised that he is a visionary. 

“It was clear that he wasn't looking for an off-the-shelf online shop,” Weber explains. “He had already established successful processes and he wanted to digitise the secret sauce of his company. So he would rather ask me, how can I extend your platform and which skills do I need to hire to do that?

“That's why we decided to start together with AmerCareRoyal for this new product. And then they realised that they were looking also for a B2B platform for their customers, so more like a self-service portal. This is where Avatria came into play because they customised and integrated this solution based on our DCP.”

With the partnership bearing fruit, the next step will be to continue to develop further processes.

“We started with using CXP to orchestrate ACR’s returns process, and they have seen quite a number of benefits,” Weber explains. “They have so far reduced the number of manual touches to the returns by 70% and seen a 100% improvement in turnaround time and accuracy in the returns process. Our goal is to help ACR implement the next use cases. 

“Ultimately, our priority is to enable AmerCareRoyal to implement orchestration of these processes themselves. We have a low-code, no-code user interface which we call our Management Dashboard. With this, a business user without deep technical know-how can model and implement that process  and drive measurable efficiency gains themselves.”

Read the full AmerCareRoyal digital report here


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