aThingz on logistics management & supply chain solutions

Vijaya Neela & Kannan Ramachandran from supply chain and logistics solution provider aThingz discuss logistics management & their Microsoft partnership

aThingz is a unicorn supply chain and logistics solution provider enabling organizations to rapidly take  cost out of their logistics spend while helping them be more agile and resilient in a sustainable manner.  Customers reap accelerated value as early as week 6 of an aThingz engagement.  

The company’s strong foundational master data management provides continuous data quality  improvements so customers can make accurate business decisions, reduce costs, mitigate risk, and  innovate faster. 

aThingz’s founders are Vijaya Neela, President & CEO and Kannan Ramachandran, Chief AI and  Commercial Officer.  

Vijaya Neela has over 28 years of industry experience with expertise in supply chain and logistics. In her  current role, she establishes the supply chain transformation roadmap for customers and leads solution  development and delivery engagements. 

Kannan Ramachandran has over 25 Years of industry experience with expertise in supply chain and  logistics. In his current role, he establishes aThingz’s AI strategy, manages customer relationships, and  leads revenue growth initiatives. 


Logistics management within the supply chain 

Vijaya sets the vision for aThingz’s unique approach to global logistics management within the supply  chain. 

“We have collapsed what is today a disparate set of processes for logistics planning and execution and  pioneered a unified closed-loop Financial and Operations Planning and Execution Process (F&OP/E) for  logistics. Think of what aThingz offers as S&OP for global logistics with the added dimension of hyper  execution.” says Vijaya. “We establish a customer digital twin model that overlays the physical, financial, and informational (data) supply chain, and leverage AI and Machine Learning to continuously feed  learnings from execution back into planning” says Vijaya. “By getting the plan right from the beginning  you can avoid costly expediting.” 

The aThingz approach has proven to extract and/or avoid 10-35% of global logistics spend year over year. "We're breaking down silos and providing our customers a continuous stream of accurate data that they  can map between processes,” explains Vijaya.  

“We focus on delivering client solutions with an AI component that could be a competitive differentiator  for our customers,” Kannan explains. “Supply chain is a data rich domain and effective business decisions  rely heavily on quality data. Using our AI-powered purpose-built data management solution for Supply  Chain and Logistics, we can identify data anomalies, apply pattern recognition techniques to standardize,  cleanse and improve the quality of data. In addition to this, we have a library of several pre-built  machine learning and deep learning algorithms that can predict critical network events, volatility, spend  and forecast demand.”

aThingz’s strategic partnership with Microsoft 

“We've been a strategic partner of Microsoft for over five years,” says Kannan “Since we first established  a partnership, our solution has been built ground up on their Azure stack using composable  microservices. As a strategic Microsoft partner, we leverage 100% of what Azure has to offer. 

Convergence of functions, processes, and leveraging modern day advanced technologies is key to making  better, faster, optimized business decisions in global operations.  

“We will be co-piloting with Microsoft well into the future” says Kannan. “Our solutions use  conversational AI, machine learning, deep learning, intelligent solvers, advanced heuristics, hyper  automations, workflows, and alerts. Microsoft’s Azure stack has made it possible for us to drive  accelerated innovation and business value for our customers.”

Read the full Microsoft's Digital Report HERE.


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