Deloitte: Supply Chain Predictions 2024 in TMT

Highlighting the biggest trends in technology, media, and telecommunications (TMT), Deloitte breaks down how these may impact the global supply chain

Shedding light on the rise of generative AI; the complexities of integrating sustainability into technology, telecommunications, and semiconductor business models; and the fresh revenue streams catalysed by satellite-terrestrial network synergies, Deloitte highlights the biggest trends expected to dominate the technology, media, and telecommunications (TMT) in 2024. 

“As we move into 2024, the transformational capacity of generative AI, sustainability imperatives, and novel revenue paradigms may indelibly shape the TMT landscape,” said Ariane Bucaille, Global Technology, Media & Telecommunications Industry Leader, Deloitte France. 

She continues: “This coming year is an important moment for the industry; it offers not just growth opportunities but unprecedented challenges that compel us to rethink traditional frameworks and relentlessly innovate. Regulatory landscapes, as well as environmental considerations, may also be key, dictating the pace and direction of change. Leaders should be agile, cognizant of these shifts, and ready to act decisively for long-term success.”

2024 supply chain predictions for TMT

Materials shortages and rising trade tensions

In 2024, Deloitte predicts that TMT supply chains will face significant raw materials shortages, with gallium and possibly germanium running short in multiple regions, impacting chipmakers. 

“The impact of the impending shortage of different rare earth elements (REEs) and other elements could have a negative effect as these elements serve as the backbone for industries with over US$250bn in annual market value,” noted Deloitte.

Driven by trade tensions, the industry can strengthen its resilience by increasing its investment in e-waste recycling, digital supply networks, stockpiling, new mines and smelters, and sustainable semiconductor manufacturing.

Sustainability in semiconductor manufacturing

An active industry committed to reducing its carbon footprint telecommunication supply chains are implementing supplier initiatives to transition from copper wire networks to energy-efficient fibre optics, decommissioning power-intensive 3G networks, electrifying field service fleets, and employing power-saving technologies in 5G radio gear.

Overall, supply chains are continuously increasing their investment in energy-efficient production processes and sustainable practices. 

The future of AI chips and supply chain security

With generative AI expected to become an integral part of nearly all enterprise software offerings in 2024, Deloitte emphasises the critical role of having a secure and reliable supply chain for innovation, economic success, and national security. 

“As we stand at this juncture, it's imperative for industry leaders to navigate these complexities, aligning regulatory compliance with creativity, to fully unlock the transformative power of gen AI,” said Gillian Crossan, Global Technology Sector Leader, Deloitte & Touche LLP.


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