Technology Articles

Renault Launches 100% Automated Facility Using Exotec Robots

Renault Groups’s new-generation logistics facility is fully automated, equipped with Exotec’s Skypod robots in a world first for car manufacturing

Verity: Boosting Supply Chain Efficiency at On Sportswear

On sportswear future-proof supply chain with Verity, using AI, robotics and autonomous drones in new collaboration

How is GM Integrating Sustainability into its Supply Chain?

As part of GM’s vision for an all-electric future, the car manufacturer is integrating sustainability throughout its supply chain and procurement processes


Mars Snacking's Amanda Davies on Sustainability at P&SC LIVE

Amanda Davies, Chief R&D, Procurement and Sustainability Officer at Mars Snacking, discusses sustainable futures

Sustainability Shines Through on P&SC LIVE New York Day One

Sustainability took centre stage alongside procurement strategy and technological innovation during Day One of Procurement & Supply Chain Live NEW York

RELEX: Preventing Food Waste with Improved Demand Planning

RELEX's AI-driven retail and supply chain planning technology enabled customers to prevent approximately 280 million kg of food waste in 2023

Procurement & Supply Chain LIVE New York: Day 1

Join us for day one of Procurement & Supply Chain LIVE New York – the ultimate virtual event for leaders across North America and Canada

Boeing, DHL Group Among Firms Signed up to IATA SAF Registry

The IATA has confirmed the creation of a dedicated SAF Registry, with big names including American Airlines, Boeing, DHL and GE Aerospace already on board