Technology Articles


Dell supply chief Kevin Brown has sustainability in sights

As Head of Supply Chain at Dell Technologies, Kevin Brown is helping to lead the multinational technology company into a greener future

Will fashion obey letter of law on supply sustainability?

The notoriously unregulated fashion industry is suddenly facing a welter of new laws and directives, designed to help make its supply chains more green


Warehouse automation technology - from conveyors to robots

Today's warehouse management systems are like a scene from a sci-fi film but innovation in this area goes back as far as 120 years, to the first conveyors

Genpact helping its clients to insure customers for life

Sameer Dewan, Genpact’s global business leader for insurance, on how the insurance industry is embracing a new age of data & lifetime customer journey


Modern supply 'about talent as much as tech' - Accenture

Accenture supply chain chief Craen says that on transformation, firms must focus on the strategy skills people need as much as the AL & ML tech involved


Business as usual for Kyiv-based IT specialist, ABM Cloud

Some of its staff are fighting, some have fled west, others remain in Kyiv, but ABM Cloud continues, and is hosting a webinar on navigating supply chaos


3D printing 'is sustainability and agility boon for OEMs'

CEO of BASF-backed 3D printing venture Replique, Dr Max Siebert, says additive manufacturing saves OEMs money, and makes them greener and more agile


AI in supply chain 'is where Internet was in the 1990s'

Manufacturing solutions specialist AI Valio says supply chain only scratching surface of what's possible with artificial intelligence in value chain