Top 10 supply chain sustainability platforms

Leading supply chain sustainability platforms include EcoVadis, Sourcemap, Assent, MS Sustainability Cloud, OneTrust, Achilles & Avetta

Scope 3 emissions in the supply chain account for 80% of organisations' total carbon emissions. And then there’s ESG supply chain transgressions, which often take place in the deepest recesses of supply, down in tiers 4 and 5, close to the sourcing of raw materials.

With sustainability now a boardroom priority because of stakeholder pressure and expectations, supply chains are an urgent point of focus – and this has given rise to a welter of cloud-based ESG and risk-management platforms. 

Here, we look at 10 of the most widely used platforms. (But not widely used enough; a recent report from CIPS and Deloitte suggests that as few as 25% of organisations are tracking Scope 3 emissions.)

Supply chain sustainability platforms: EcoVadis

Since being founded in 2007 EcoVadis has become one of the world’s largest providers of business sustainability ratings, creating a global network of more than 100,000 rated companies.

Its platform evaluates the environmental, social, and ethical performance of companies, helping them measure and improve supply sustainability practices.

Services include evaluating the sustainability practices of suppliers in a company's supply chain. Assessments cover a wide range of sectors, including manufacturing, retail, automotive and technology. 

Supply chain sustainability platforms: Sourcemap

Sourcemap is a supply chain mapping and transparency platform that provides tools for organisations to visualise, analyse, and manage Its supply chains.

The company's software allows businesses to track and trace Its products from raw materials to the final product, gaining insights into every step of the supply chain.

“Our mission is to raise standards across supply chains, from the first mile to the last, by providing the technology companies need to map their supply chains from end to end,” it says.

Supply chain sustainability platforms: Assent

Assent Compliance is a supply chain sustainability management solution that serves sustainability-focused manufacturers. It specialises in supply chain data management and compliance solutions.

Among other things it offers regulatory intelligence services to keep businesses informed about evolving regulations, industry standards, and compliance requirements. It support organisations in various industries, including electronics, automotive, aerospace and consumer goods.

Supply chain sustainability platforms: MS Sustainability Cloud 

Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability helps organisations accelerate progress on sustainability and business growth by bringing together a set of ESG capabilities across the Microsoft cloud portfolio, plus solutions from its global ecosystem of partners.

It enables organisations to streamline data integration and calculations to gain the transparency and insights needed to manage their environmental footprint, embed sustainability through their organisation and value chain, and create new value in a changing landscape.

Supply chain sustainability platforms: OneTrust

OneTrust is a provider of privacy, security, and data governance solutions. It was founded on the idea “people want to buy from, work for, and invest in companies that demonstrate positive impact on people and the planet”, says the company.

It offers customers the ability to define core ESG metrics, track progress towards these goals, and foster trust with key stakeholders through enhanced transparency. Businesses can also leverage real-time regulatory intelligence for continuous improvement.

Supply chain sustainability platforms: Achilles

Achilles is a platform that provides solutions for supplier management and supply chain risk assessment. Its software tools aim to help organisations enhance supply chain visibility, assess supplier performance, and mitigate risks across their supply chains.

It allows companies to track and monitor the performance of their suppliers, and includes features for assessing supplier risk factors, including regulatory compliance and sustainability practices.

Supply chain sustainability platforms: Avetta

Avetta provides supply chain risk management and contractor qualification services. It offers a cloud-based platform and a range of tools and services to help organisations assess and manage risks associated with their supply chains and contractor networks.

It helps companies assess and qualify contractors and suppliers based on criteria such as regulatory compliance, but also safety performance, financial stability and insurance coverage.

Supply chain sustainability platforms: Veriforce

Veriforce is an ISO-certified provider of integrated supply chain risk management solutions and supplier management solutions to contractors in the energy industry. 

It safeguards workers and optimises business performance. It provides software platforms and services to help organisations ensure compliance in complex regulatory landscapes relating to safety and environmental regulations, 

Supply chain sustainability platforms: SupplyShift

SupplyShift offers supply chain transparency and sustainability solutions. Its cloud-based platform and services help organisations assess and manage sustainability performance across their supply chains.

It provides tools to map supply chains, track supplier performance, and identify sustainability risks and opportunities. It also offers tools to evaluate suppliers' ESG practices, such as environmental impact, labour conditions, human rights, ethics and governance. 

Supply chain sustainability platforms: Transparency-One

Transparency-One is a software platform that provides supply chain transparency and traceability solutions. It allows companies to gather, analyse, and share supply chain data to ensure visibility and accountability throughout their supply chains.

“Our passion is to partner with the network of companies supporting the world’s consumer product supply chain to create a healthier, safer, and more sustainable world for consumers,” it says.


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