Supply Chain Management in High School?

By Freddie Pierce
Generally speaking, the common person in the world today has no idea about what supply chain management is. Most cant give a good definition of what a...

Generally speaking, the common person in the world today has no idea about what supply chain management is. Most can’t give a good definition of what a supply chain even is.

Could that be about to change?

According to a post last month by, supply chain management should be under consideration to be taught as early as high school.

Below is an excerpt of an email that supply chain author Adrian Gonzalez received:

There is a real need to make and present “Supply Chain and Logistics” as a very hot, interesting topic and make it relevant to students in school. I would not have thought that all the summer camps we spent growing produce [were] elements of the SCOR model. We definitely planned when to grow, we sourced it at harvest time, and we took it home and delivered it to our mom to manufacture a JIT meal. The Skinny Jeans kids favor today have a process on how they arrive on the shelf at the local mall. The latest Nike shoe everyone is wearing or craving for has a supply chain story about how it shows up at Foot Locker. Even McDonald’s, Burger King, or the movie theater has a supply chain story, [and so does] the phone [students] are using to text a thousand messages.


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So, how do we go about teaching more people about supply chain management? According to another post by Adrian Gonzalez, the system needs to emulate a baseball farm system.

That is, supply chain management material needs to be taught to younger generations of people to prepare them to one day become the leaders of the supply chain industry.

It’s an interesting idea. If some Kindergartens are toying with the idea of teaching Sex Ed, certainly an argument can be made that supply chain management should be offered as a course at the high school level.


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