Predicting and Preventing Problems in the Supply Chain

Supply Chain Digital speaks to Jeff Dewing, CEO at Cloudfm Group, about the significant potential of predictive maintenance

Tell us a bit about Cloudfm Group and its main activities

Cloudfm Group was established to restore trust in the facilities management (FM) industry by doing things differently.

We achieved this by collaborating with clients to solve problems together and keeping promises that traditional firms historically failed to keep. We adopted a distinct approach and created tamper-proof technology to bring more transparency to the industry. 

Now, we also create positive behavioural change in people's energy consumption and built environment management through our platform, Mindsett, which uses cutting-edge AI, machine learning and IoT technologies. Trials with industry leaders like the NHS and in the hospitality sector have delivered remarkable results – as much as 40% reduction in energy consumption.

Our Freedom 2.0 platform will further support our commitment to sustainability. It will connect businesses directly with nearby engineers for repairs and maintenance, reducing carbon footprint. Clients will receive an Uber-like service while engineers earn green behaviour incentives (Cloudcoin).

What does your role at Cloudfm Group entail?

As CEO, I aim to nurture a robust workplace culture that places people at the forefront.

When individuals are happy and satisfied, positive outcomes span far and wide, whether it’s increased productivity, engagement or innovation.

I've always believed in doing things differently to instigate transformative change and adopt a leadership philosophy that grants authority rather than commands it. This philosophy cultivates leaders instead of followers and aligns with my commitment to empower individuals within my team.

What is predictive maintenance?

Imagine being able to prevent problems before they even occur – this is the promise of predictive maintenance.

Enter our patented Mindsett PRISM energy management technology. It goes beyond mere repairs when something goes wrong; it involves using technology to transform data into proactive measures, embracing the timeless wisdom that "prevention is better than cure."

Individual electrical equipment can be measured at the harmonic level to create a baseline profile which can be assessed in real-time, revealing the equipment’s health and any need for timely intervention. This approach not only leads to significant cost savings but also enables the identification of energy-intensive assets, facilitating opportunities for reduction and enhanced sustainability efforts.

How can predictive maintenance support sustainability goals? 

We must keep in mind that technology alone is not a magic solution. While technological innovations are undoubtedly important, their effectiveness is maximised when combined with a human-centred approach.

This is where behavioural science plays a crucial role. By using insights from each asset’s data, we can motivate individuals to embrace energy-efficient habits, such as turning off energy-intensive appliances when not in use.

We can also introduce incentives at various points in the supply chain through gamification techniques, building a community of environmentally-conscious energy users empowered by real-time savings information.

What advice would you give your younger self?

Finding true fulfilment in my life hasn’t been without its challenges. Starting from leaving school at 16, I’ve encountered toxic work cultures, chased personal wealth and then ended up bankrupt and on benefits with a family to feed.

However, these experiences taught me a crucial lesson: if you're not passionate about what you're doing, get out of it fast before it costs you. 

The ikigai principle is a brilliant tool to establish what fulfilment looks like. It asks four simple questions: what are you good at?; what do you love?; what can you get paid for?; and what does the world need? Answering these questions may take time but, once you’ve worked out your real ikigai, you will accelerate your journey to fulfilment at lightning pace.

The irony is I only discovered ikigai after I’d achieved it, but I know how significant it would've been at the start of my journey. 

Now I can say I’ve built a business and a career around something I’m truly passionate about. I wake up every morning feeling like I don’t work a day in my life.


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