GEP confirms launch of AI-driven AP Automation Platform

By Sean Galea-Pace
GEP has confirmed the introduction of its next-gen accounts payable (AP) automation platform for a cloud-native solution that leverages AI and ML...

GEP is a leading provider of procurement and supply chain strategy, software and managed services to Fortune 500 and Global 2000 enterprises worldwide.

Through GEP SMART AP Automation, it enables multinational companies to deliver a superior user experience to reduce fraud and compliance risk, drive efficiencies in invoice management and decrease the processing cost per invoice.

By making the AP functionality of GEP SMART available as a stand-alone platform, GEP is providing a proven solution for companies with a pressing need to quickly and easily upgrade their AP operations as the first stage in their digital transformation. GEP’s AP Automation seamlessly integrates with all leading enterprise resource planning (ERP) software to accelerate companies’ digital transformation.

“Value-driven companies want a modern, proven AP platform that drives digital transformation without breaking the bank or disrupting their entire technology ecosystem,” says Dmitriy Lerman, Director of AP Product Management at GEP. “GEP’s AP Automation solution is not an upgrade of a legacy system. It is a fresh approach that leverages the power of huge advances in process-enabling technologies — it is AI-native and built from the ground up in the cloud, so it is not only an intelligent, very powerful solution, it is astonishingly cost-efficient, easy to deploy and update.”

GEP’s stand-alone AP Automation solution, build in the Microsoft Azure cloud allows multinationals to:

  • Scale operations with AI/ML that automates invoice processing and reconciliation, global tax and regulatory compliance, bolstering fraud controls.
  • Reduce costs from the back office by lowering total cost of AP operations through faster invoice processing.
  • Increase user adoption and improve supplier management through easy-to-use interfaces, dashboards and customisable workflows.
  • Integrate quickly and seamlessly into pre-existing ERP, financial and third-party platforms.
  • Continue their long-term digital transformation programme by upgrading their AP automation solution cost effectively and decreasing the total cost of ownership.

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