In Focus: Scoutbee’s SaaS platform for supplier discovery

By Georgia Wilson
As digital procurement solidifies its value within the industry, we take a closer look at SaaS supplier discovery platformprovider - Scoutbee. Just fiv...

As digital procurement solidifies its value within the industry, we take a closer look at SaaS supplier discovery platform provider - Scoutbee.

Just five years old, the global provider of SaaS has taken the procurement industry by storm! In just 12 months, the company conducted its Series B funding round, taking its total investments from US$4mn to US$76mn.

“We understand the complexities and the tedious, manual process in scouting and sourcing suppliers. We crave to provide more transparency and insights on Suppliers,” says Scoutbee.

Did you know? Scoutbee was awarded an SAP Ariba, Procurement Technology Highly Commended, World Procurement Awards 2019.


Scoutbee SaaS suite

Powered by ARTIMIS an artificial intelligence (AI) software, Scoutbee’s Streamline and DeepSee products use the technology to constantly mine vast amounts of data to improve scout time.


Working to make supplier sourcing fast and simple. Scoutbee’s Streamline product is designed to help companies find and collaborate faster with the best global suppliers. 

The platform provides: 

  • Optimised supplier relationships with easy to follow, pre screen validation and onboarding processes

  • A reduction of repetitive manual tasks allowing more time to be spent on strategy and high value tasks

  • Reduced time and money wasted as a result of deep insights


Unifying and enriching supplier data, Scoutbee’s DeepSee product offers its users a unified and up-to-date data lake of the best suppliers.

The platform offers:

  • A diverse supplier base with quick access to information

  • A constant flow of data to ensure you remain in control and ahead of change

  • The ability to identify gaps in digital procurement roadmaps in order to remain competitive

Want to know eight ways to optimise sourcing while avoiding production risks? Check out Scoutbee's new e-Book to get the latest insights!

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