Casual Friday: Top Procurement Moment

By Freddie Pierce
Quote: “My first impressions? Well, Im still looking for a computer. And the management? Wow… they are different." Synopsis: This do...

Quote: “My first impressions? Well, I’m still looking for a computer. And the management? Wow… they are different."

Synopsis: This documentary-comedy (docomedy) follows the life of Dick, a young guy who gets a job working in an office where nobody takes their job seriously. After taking his job seriously for the first half of the YouTube video, Dick finally learns to take it easy at the Procurement office

Commentary: Most people search their entire lives to find a job that they’re actually excited for when they wake up in the morning. From the looks of his Procurement office, Dick has found such a workplace before the age of 30.

From remote-controlled toy helicopters to poker games to spontaneous dance parties, Dick looks like he’s found a career at the Procurement office. Some scenes from the Procurement office aren’t as easily dissected. Seriously, check out the short scene at the 2:22 mark, and you tell me what the hell that guy’s doing.

Finally, you’ve got to love the music choices for the Procurement docomedy. Pulled from the original soundtracks from movies like "Requiem for a Dream" and "Batman Begins," the music really helps set the stage for Dick’s dramatic transformation inside the Procurement office.

The Lesson: Find a job that lets you drink while on the clock.


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