Global supply chain views & news round-up

This week's new round-up looks at resilient supply chains; cybersecurity threats; clean energy by 2050; Scope 3; STEM, sustainability and more...

How to build resilient supply chains

Procurement professionals build resilient supply chains by leveraging the full optionality of the extended supply chain without inflating costs

Back-door cyber threat leaving supply chains exposed

Explosion in cybersecurity threats posed by supply chains require businesses to act now: James McDowell MD of cybersecurity firm, BlueVoyant UK

What the move to clean fuel means for the sea freight sector

The International Maritime Organisation demands sea freight industry runs on clean energy by 2050, but how will it achieve this and what will be the cost?

Scope 3 is key battleground in the war on carbon emissions

Nedra Dikson of Accenture and Dr Michael Moore of graph-based, digital-twin tech provider Neo4j: Why firms must act fast on Scope 3 and how to achieve this

Supply chain needs more women in STEM roles

Digital transformation means there’s never been a greater need for STEM-qualified people in supply chain – getting more women into such roles will be key

'Chocolate Scorecard' highlights supply chain ethics

Campaign group Be Slavery Free has analyzed 56 of the world’s largest cocoa buyers, finding 50% don't have an improvement plan for suppliers