XPO Logistics: providing pivotal supply chain solutions

By Sean Galea-Pace
As one of the largest providers of transportation and logistics services worldwide, XPO Logistics serves over 50,000 customers. Supply Chain Digital tak...

As one of the largest providers of transportation and logistics services worldwide, XPO Logistics serves over 50,000 customers. Supply Chain Digital takes a closer look at the firm.

The company offers a range of different solutions. These are: drayage, expedite, full truckload, global forwarding, intermodal, last mile, less-than-truckload, managed transportation. With around 202mn sq.ft of facility space, XPO Logistics is considered one of the largest logistics providers worldwide. The organisation invests approximately US$550mn in technology every year as it continues to fund its logistics drive. Over the upcoming years, XPO Logistics seeks to expand its focus on robotics, autonomous vehicles, automated sortation systems and other state-of-the-art technologies as the supply chain continues to harness new technology.


The firm serves 69 of the Fortune 100 companies. It prioritises safety, with a mantra to be safe “for each other, our communities and our environment.” Its objectives revolve around the well-being of employees and customers and the logistics giants have a target of achieving zero job-related injuries and accidents indefinitely. XPO Logistics values sustainability. It’s 2018 sustainability report showcased the company’s intention to build a strong sustainability footprint. Some of the findings found that 86% of materials used by XPO constructs is recycled, 78% of waste was recycled by XPO operations in Europe during 2018 and US$90mn was invested to acquire almost 800 tractors, all of which meets GHG regulations.

On Wednesday (15 January), XPO Logistics announced that its board of directors has confirmed a review of strategic alternatives, which includes the possible sale of one or more of XPO’s business units. “XPO is the seventh best-performing stock of the last decade on the Fortune 500, based on Bloomberg market data,” said Bradley Jacobs, chairman and chief executive of XPO Logistics. “The share price has increased more than ten-fold since our investment in 2011. We continue to trade at well below the sum of our parts and at a significant discount to our pure-play peers. It is why we believe the best way to continue to maximise shareholder value is to explore our options, while remaining intensely committed to the satisfaction of our customers and employees.”

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