SAP and UPS join forces for groundbreaking 3D printing service

By Jennifer Johnson
SAP are combining their supply chain software with UPSs industrial manufacturing and logistics networks to create an ‘on demand 3D printing servic...

SAP are combining their supply chain software with UPS’s industrial manufacturing and logistics networks to create an ‘on demand’ 3D printing service launching in the US this summer.

The partnership is designed to streamline supply chains and open up 3D printing technologies to small companies, those who might need a prototype made quickly or those who cannot justify an extended production run.

SAP’s Senior Vice President for Extended Supply Chain, Hans Thalbauer, has stated that he believes efficient and accessible 3D printing will disrupt manufacturing in much the same way that online retailing affected the retail sector.

The shipping and software companies have also teamed up with Atlanta-based 3D printers Fast Radius, in which UPS holds a minority stake, to provide the printing of parts. In order to receive a custom 3D printed part, customers will have to upload their digital designs to the Fast Radius website. The order will then be sent to the nearest of the 60 UPS stores currently outfitted with a 3D printer.

SAP software will help businesses determine which items in their inventories are best suited to 3D printing through real-time analysis of shipping costs and materials data.

SAP’s Bernd Leukert, Member of the Executive Board at SAP for Products & Innovations, said: “Technology innovations such as 3D printing are revolutionizing traditional manufacturing and redefine our notion of the industrial supply chain.

“By bringing together the on-demand manufacturing and logistics expertise of UPS and the extended supply chain leadership of SAP, we can enable direct digital manufacturing and an on-demand industrial manufacturing network that connects from manufacturing floor to the customer door.”

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SOURCE: [Tech Week Europe


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