Purfresh Transport aids ocean pineapple shipping

By Freddie Pierce
Pineapple lovers, rejoice! Purfresh, a leading provider of clean technologies that purify, protect, and preserve the global food supply chain, announce...

Pineapple lovers, rejoice!

Purfresh, a leading provider of clean technologies that purify, protect, and preserve the global food supply chain, announced today that pineapple shippers around the globe are leveraging Purfresh Transport to reach new markets, which were previously unattainable via ocean transit, while meeting the high-quality standards of importers.

Calle Real Products, a pioneer in exporting pineapples via ocean freight for more than 30-day voyages, are one of the companies that are taking advantage of Purfresh Transport.

Purfresh Transport is being employed worldwide to ship pineapples from Central and South America to Eastern Europe, Turkey, Georgia, Russia, Greece, the Middle East and North Africa. Trips to those regions take anywhere from 21 to 36 days to complete.

Highly susceptible to mold and decay-causing pathogens, pineapples are at risk of quality degradation during long-distance ocean transport. Unlike traditional controlled atmosphere (CA) technologies, which do little to extend shelf life and can increase pineapple flesh translucency, Purfresh's ozone-based intelligent cargo protection technology is ideal for maintaining fruit quality by reducing decay, killing bacteria and removing ethylene during transit.

"With Purfresh Transport, we're able to reach new, non-traditional markets such as Turkey, and provide additional protection for our high quality pineapple shipments," Roberto Rojas Vargas, general manager of Calle Real Products, said. "Our pineapples have arrived in superior condition without problems of mold or bacteria after being in ocean transit for more than 30 days. Purfresh Transport is a reliable, cost-effective solution for reaching new and long distance markets while maintaining fruit quality, including firmness and favorable crown presentation, along with critical shelf life extension.


Engineered with patent-pending intelligent cargo protection technology, Purfresh Transport reduces the risk of cargo loss, improves food safety and helps ensure higher-quality arrivals when shipping fresh produce by ocean carrier. Unlike other approaches, such as temperature recorders, traditional CA systems, and fungicides, Purfresh Transport provides full trip transparency along with active atmosphere enhancement to prevent decay, control ripening and reduce food-borne pathogens.

"The shortcomings of traditional alternatives, combined with logistics complexities, have accelerated the path to Purfresh Transport becoming a global leader in perishable cargo protection," David Bouchard, general manager, post-harvest and transport solutions for Purfresh, said. "With Purfresh Transport, everyone -- from the exporter to the consumer -- benefits from safer, higher-quality produce, reduced losses, and a more sustainable global food supply chain."

Purfresh Transport is offered as a per-trip service from most shipping lines.

Edited by Kevin Scarpati


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